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Popular Print Finishes & Embellishments

Our staple high-impact finishes to enhance your print project.
Sparkle_spot varnish

Spot Varnish

Enhance your prints with this unique effect, perfect for highlighting specific areas and adding texture.
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Embossing & Debossing

Raise or indent elements of your design for a 3D effect and added tactile experience. Popular for business cards!
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Print Foiling

Add shiny, metallic accents to your printed materials for a luxe finish. Available in gold or silver.
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Scratch Off Foil Stamping

Use scratch off foil stamping on gift vouchers, coupons, scratchies and more to add an interactive element to your prints.
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Crafting & Assembly Techniques

Transforming prints into polished masterpieces.


Increase longevity and appeal with lamination. The protective layer guards against wear & tear and adds a refined finish.
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Wire Binding_Ethereal_Moments


Our range of binding techniques to enhance the appearance and functionality of your documents.
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Create distinctive cut-outs or slits for an added unique touch to your printed materials. 
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Cutting & Trimming

Tailor your prints, from large banners to small prints, with custom cutting and trimming services.
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Print Creasing

Ensure clean, sharp fold in your cards with our print creasing services.

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Print Folding

Used for brochures and other marketing materials, we offer high volume machine-based and manual folding solutions.
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Booklet Making

Combine printing, collating, trimming, and stapling to produce high-quality booklets.
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Hole Punching & Drilling

Ideal for binders and manuals, our hole punching and drilling services offer neat and precise results. 
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Graphic Design Services

Expert Graphic Designers at Your Service

Our skilled Graphic Designers expertly combine creativity with technical knowledge to produce high-quality materials that drive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about print finishes? Find the answer to the most common questions we receive here.
What print finishing services does Kwik Kopy do?

Kwik Kopy offers a comprehensive range of print finishing services to enhance your printed materials’ visual appeal and functionality. These services include laminating, binding, embossing and debossing and other specialty finishes. Kickstart your project by requesting a quote today! 

If you’re interested in getting your marketing materials professionally designed, our in-house team is here for you. Transform your brand identity with Kwik Kopy’s exceptional graphic design services! Our seasoned designers bring creativity to life, crafting bespoke solutions that set your business apart. 

Whether you need a striking logo, an impactful event flyer or a complete brand overhaul, we combine creativity with strategic insight to deliver designs that resonate with your audience. 

How do I choose the right finish for my print project?

The appropriate print finish depends on your project goals and the desired aesthetic. For a professional look, laminating or binding may be suitable, while embossing or debossing can add a touch of sophistication. Consider your brand image, the purpose of the material and your target audience when choosing.

Not sure which finish is suitable for your project? We can help — contact your nearest Kwik Kopy centre today for assistance.

Can print finishes be applied to any type of print material?

Kwik Kopy’s print finishing services are versatile and can be applied to various materials, including paper, cardstock and other specialty substrates. Whether it’s business cards, brochures or promotional materials, the finishing options are designed to accommodate different print mediums.

Do print finishes impact the durability of the printed materials?

Yes, certain finishes, such as laminating, contribute to the durability of printed materials by providing a protective layer. This helps guard against wear, tear and exposure to the elements, ensuring a longer lifespan for your printed products.

For more information on our print finishing services, reach out to your local Kwik Kopy centre. Aside from promotional materials, we print and design business forms and annual reports. Turnaround times for orders vary based on the service selected.

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