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Shelf Talkers

What are shelf talkers?

Vibrant retail tools designed to turn passive browsing into informed purchasing decisions. 

Shelf talkers are a popular form of promotional materials often used in retail environments. Most commonly, we see shelf talkers used in supermarkets to communicate special offers and discounted products. Although small, shelf talkers are visually appealing and printed in vibrant colours to catch they eye of passersby as they walk down an aisle.

Maximise Your Shelf Presence

Versatile messaging options

Shelf talkers can significantly influence purchasing decisions by promoting special offers, introducing new products, or providing extra insights.

Discounts & Promotions

Shelf talkers are frequently used to highlight discounts and promotions. guiding customers directly to your best offers and driving sales.

Additional Information

Shelf talkers can educate your customers by providing extra product insights, from usage tips and sourcing details to customer testimonials, ensuring they’re well informed at the point of purchase.

New Arrivals

Announce the latests products in your inventory. Let shelf talkers introduce fresh additions, enticing shoppers to discover what’s new.

Special Features

Highlight unique selling points or awards, allowing your products to stand out.

Perfectly complemented by

Discover a range of products to complement and enhance your shelf talkers.

Table Tents

Build your suite of in-store point-of-sales promotional collateral with both shelf talkers and table tents.

Wayfinding Signs

Direct your customers from the aisle to key areas like customer service or points-of-sale.

Swing Tags

Use swing tags to communicate pricing information in your retail environment, paired well with shelf talkers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about shelf talkers? Find the answers to the most common questions we receive here.
What are shelf talkers?
Shelf talkers are promotional materials typically attached to store shelves, providing additional product information. They serve as eye-catching displays that highlight key features, promotions or pricing details, enhancing the visibility and appeal of products to shoppers.
What is the purpose of a shelf wobbler?

A shelf wobbler is a dynamic marketing tool designed to attract attention. Attached to store shelves, these wobblers “wobble” or move slightly, drawing the eye to promotional messages, discounts or new product launches. The purpose of a shelf wobbler is to create an interactive and engaging experience for customers, increasing product awareness and encouraging purchase decisions.

Transform your promotions with Kwik Kopy’s expert touch! Explore our range of marketing materials, including shelf wobblers, shelf talkers, loyalty cardspostcardstable tentsmenus and more. Visit your nearest centre now to discuss your needs or request a quote online.

How effective are shelf talkers and wobblers in promoting products?
Shelf talkers and wobblers are highly effective in promoting products due to their strategic placement at the point of purchase. These attention-grabbing displays serve as silent salespeople, directly conveying key information about products and promotions to shoppers. Their visual appeal and proximity to the products make them influential tools in driving customer engagement and increasing sales.
Are there any size restrictions for shelf talkers and wobblers?

Size restrictions for shelf talkers and wobblers may vary based on specific display setups and retail spaces. It is advisable to consult with the Kwik Kopy centre where you are placing your order to determine the optimal size for your shelf talkers and wobblers.

Our experts can guide you on dimensions that align with your promotional goals and store layout. Order turnaround times differ based on your chosen products.

Need help with designing your shelf talkers and wobblers? You can count on our graphic design team at Kwik Kopy. Reach out to your nearest centre today to get started!

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