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Why Lightboxes Work For Business

In the crowded landscape of modern advertising, lightbox signage stands out—literally.

The illuminated appeal of lightbox signs captivates potential customers, setting your business apart with distinct advantages in outdoor marketing. Embrace the illuminating power of lightboxes and let your brand shine brighter.

A Community Attraction

A well-crafted lightbox sign has the potential to entice members of your community. These signs not only promote your brand, but show your community that you are a green-focused business that cares about the environment through the use of LED bulbs and composite materials. See your brand become a familiar and respected fixture in the local landscape.

Shining Through All Conditions

Rain or shine, day or night, lightbox signs maintain their vibrant visibility. Regardless of the weather or time, the illuminated display ensures your brand never fades into the background. Perfect for capturing the attention of passersby round the clock, lightbox signs offer 24/7 visibility. Don’t let your message get lost in the gloom; let it shine with a lightbox sign.

Easily Adaptable

Combined with backlit posters, lightboxes offer the flexibility to change your marketing messages with ease. The semi-transparent materials used allows for the light to permeate the artwork, ensuring your advertising display captures attention at all times. Ideal for promotional displays, point-of-sale marketing, or even wayfinding signage, lightboxes provide a versatile solution to engage both indoor and outdoor customers.

Lightboxes-backlit signs

The benefits of lightbox signage

Exceptional lightbox signage involves strategic blend of brand recognition, energy efficiency, design flexibility, easy installation, reliability, and customisation. Unveil the potential of your business with standout lightbox signage.

Brand Recognition

Ensure customers effortlessly locate your business, recognising your logo and the services you offer.

Design Flexibility

A permanent fixture with the adaptability of a temporary one, update your lightbox design anytime without replacing the setup.


With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, LED lightboxes offer a low-maintenance, long-lasting signage solution.

Energy Efficiency

Invest in lightboxes designed with energy-saving materials, promoting sustainability while saving on your marketing budget.

Easy Installation

With lightweight parts and straightforward installation, maintaining brand-new looking signage is a breeze.

Tailored to You

From size to function, lightbox signage can be customised to fit your retail needs perfectly.

Perfectly Complemented By

Discover a range of products to complement and enhance your flyers.

Vinyl Banners

Attract attention from a distance with banners, while lightboxes provide up-close visual interest.

Marketing Materials

Brochures, flyers, or business cards with cohesive branding enhance brand recognition.

Wayfinding Signs

Use lightboxes to grab attention, while wayfinding signs help navigate customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about lightboxes? Find the answers to the most common questions we receive here.
What is a lightbox signage?
A lightbox signage features a frame with a light source, usually LED, illuminating a graphic or text panel from behind. This type of signage is designed to grab attention both day and night, making it an effective advertising tool. Lightboxes are versatile and can be used for everything, from shopfront displays to directional signs.
How can light box signages benefit my business?
Light box signages can significantly enhance your business’s visibility, attracting more customers by making your branding or promotional messages stand out, especially after dark. The illuminated display ensures that your message is seen clearly, helping to increase brand recognition and draw attention to particular offers or information.
Can lightbox signs be customised to fit my brand?

Absolutely! At Kwik Kopy, we can fully customise your lightbox signs with your brand’s logo, colours and messaging. Whether you need a specific shape, size or graphic design, your light box sign can be tailored to meet your exact branding requirements, ensuring a consistent and professional image.

Illuminate your brand with custom light box signs from Kwik Kopy! Explore our range to find the perfect fit for your business. Regarding turnaround times, we recommend consulting your nearest centre for more accurate details.

How do light box signages perform in weather conditions?
Kwik Kopy’s high-quality light box signages are designed to perform well in various weather conditions, being waterproof and resistant to fading from sunlight. Properly constructed lightboxes can endure rain, wind and exposure to UV rays without losing clarity or brightness.
Can the design of my lightbox sign be updated easily?

Yes, one of the advantages of lightbox signage is the ability to update the graphic panel. This means you can change your messaging or branding as needed without replacing the entire sign, making it a cost-effective solution for seasonal promotions or updating information.

For more details on creating impactful signs and other promotional materials that drive attention to your business, request a quote or visit your nearest Kwik Kopy store today. Our expertise in signage and displays, including wayfinding signs and vinyl banners, ensures your message shines bright.

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