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Image filesUsing the right image format will help you to properly prepare your artwork for printing. If you have any questions about image formats, it’s always best to contact your local
Kwik Kopy Centre for advice.


This image format will compress a file (reduce file size) while retaining colour. A JPG should be used online, while a TIFF format should be used in print.


This is the recommended image file format for printing. It is an uncompressed format, therefore the file size is much larger than JPG.


This a graphic file format that can be used with many different computers and printers. It may contain any combination of graphics and text and is the preferred format for saving images that need to be scaled up or down.


Standing for Graphic Interchange Format, GIFs are useful for web but not for printing due to the typically low resolution.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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