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Media Walls

What is a media wall?

Your brand’s mobile billboard. 

A media wall is a large format, custom-printed backdrop, primarily used at press conferences, interviews, trade shows, or exhibitions. Serving as a portable billboard, media walls showcase your brand logo, or that of your sponsors, and create the perfect photo-op moment.

Benefits of Using Media Wall at Events

Use media walls to enhance your presence at events.

Bold Brand Exposure

Media walls are a grand canvas, giving you substantial real estate to communicate your message effectively. They also encourage user generated content through photos shared online with your media wall in the background.

Eye-Catching Presentations

There’s nothing like a professional media wall to catch the attention of your prospects. List an offer, advertise your latest product or increase your brand’s exposure with a professional large-scale design.

Durable Materials

Transporting and handling can take a toll on your displays. That’s why our media walls are engineered for toughness, withstanding the test of time and use. Ensure your investment delivers an impressive ROI.

Portable Solution

Media walls are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. They are the ideal tool for travelling salespeople, event planners, or public speakers, allowing you to make an impact wherever you go.

Customisable Design

Tailor your media wall to align perfectly with your event’s aesthetic. With the ability to collaborate with a skilled Graphic Designer, we can work together to craft a unique display that truly represents your brand.

Quick & Affordable

Media walls offer a visually stunning impact without breaking the bank. We deliver affordable solutions with fast turnaround times, ensuring your event solutions are ready to make an impression.

Perfectly complemented by

Discover a range of products to complement and enhance your media walls.

Portable Displays

Portable signs and banners extend the visual theme of your media wall and can guide attendees to your booth.

Wayfinding Signs

Allow seamless navigation at your event with wayfinding signs that improve the attendee experience.

Lectern Signage

Your speaker, poised behind a branded lectern, with a media wall prominently displaying you & your sponsors’ logos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about media walls? Find the answers to the most common questions we receive here.
What is a media wall?

A media wall is a large printed backdrop for events, providing a branded or visually appealing background for photo opportunities, interviews or promotional activities.

At events, a media wall backdrop transforms ordinary spaces into immersive brand environments, acting as a focal point that draws attention to sponsors, partners or the event itself. Its expansive size allows for comprehensive brand messaging, logos and imagery, ensuring maximum exposure in the backdrop of photographs and media coverage. 

What types of events and occasions call for a media wall?

Media walls are perfect for red-carpet events, press conferences, trade shows and corporate gatherings, adding a professional touch to any occasion.

What is the purpose of a media wall?

The primary purpose of a media wall is to enhance brand visibility, offer a captivating background for media coverage and create a branded environment at events.

Additionally, a media wall backdrop serves as a dynamic marketing tool, creating a memorable backdrop for event photography and social media sharing. Its captivating design reinforces brand identity and provides sponsors and partners with valuable advertising space, maximising exposure. The versatile nature of media walls makes them a strategic choice for creating immersive brand experiences and fostering event engagement.

What is the standard media wall size?

Media walls come in various sizes, but a standard size is often around 2.6 metres by 2.6 metres. Custom sizes are available to suit specific event requirements. Need assistance? Contact our expert team at Kwik Kopy today!

What materials are used for media walls?

Media wall backdrops are commonly made from high-quality fabric or vinyl materials, ensuring durability and vibrant, long-lasting prints.

Want to make your event stand out? Our premium media walls, pop-up displays, custom-printed wall fabric, pop-up counter graphics and portable displays might be for you. Request a quote today to discover the perfect solution for your business. 

At Kwik Kopy, we offer quick turnaround times (generally, next-day) and even cater to urgent projects, depending on their nature and complexity. Reach out to your nearest centre for more details.

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