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Corflute Signs

Corflute signs for your industry

Explore the various applications of corflute signs.

Corflute signs are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. Made with durable, UV-resistant materials, they are often utilised in outdoor environments. Discover how to use corflute signs in your industry.

Fitness & Gyms

Display class schedules, trading hours, or promotional offers with corflute signs situated outside your gym.

Events & Hospitality

Use corflute signs for directing guests at events, showcasing sponsors, or promoting upcoming events.

Construction & Trades

Communicate safety information, site rules, announce ongoing projects, or direct people with corflute signs.

Political Campaigns

Corflute signs are commonly used to promote candidates or political parties during election periods.

Benefits of corflute signs

Corflute signs are a favoured choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective yet high-impact signage solutions. Characterised by their distinctive pattern, these signs have the capacity to stand out while delivering your message in bright, vivid colours.

Lightweight and portable, they can be easily repositioned as your advertising needs change. Discover the benefits of corflute signs.


Ideal candidates for various applications, from political campaigns to real estate promotions, corflute signs adapt to a multitude of settings.

Tailored Sizes

From large-scale displays to compact advertisements, corflute signs are available in an array of sizes, making them the perfect fit for your unique requirements.


The unique production process of corflute signs yields a distinctive pattern that draws attention, while bright and vibrant full-colour print options make your message pop.

Custom Options

Enjoy creative freedom with fully customisable corflute signs, ensuring your brand message is communicated exactly as you envision. Collaborate with a Kwik Kopy graphic designer for maximum impact.


With minimal setup requirements, corflute signs can be effortlessly moved and relocated, offering a flexible and portable advertising solution. All you need is a post and two cable ties!


Corflute signs are an economical signage solution without compromising on quality and visual appeal, offering great value for businesses on a budget.

Perfectly Complemented By

Discover a range of products to complement and enhance your corflute signs.

Vinyl Banners

Enrich your visual marketing efforts by using vinyl banners alongside corflute signs in outdoor displays.


Pair corflute signs with a frames for roadside or footpath advertisements to attract passersby.

Pop-Up Displays

Use pop-up displays and durable corflute signs at trade shows and outdoor events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about corflute signs? Find the answers to the most common questions we receive here.
What is a corflute sign?

A corflute sign is a type of sign made from corrugated plastic sheets, known as corflute boards. These signs are lightweight, durable and cost-effective, making them popular for indoor and outdoor applications.

What is a corflute sign used for?

Corflute signs are commonly used for creating temporary and semi-permanent signage. It’s ideal for promotional signs, event signage, real estate signage and construction site boards. Due to its weather-resistant properties, it’s suitable for short to medium-term outdoor use.

Can I use corflute signs outdoors?

Yes, corflute signs are well-suited for outdoor use. They are weather-resistant, making them durable in various environmental conditions. This makes corflute boards an excellent choice for outdoor advertising, construction sites and other applications that require exposure to the elements.

Elevate your brand visibility with our corflute sign printing service and other signage solutions at Kwik Kopy! Whether you need durable corflute signs, eye-catching acrylic signs, robust metal signs, impactful outdoor signs or precise wayfinding signs, our expert team has you covered. Request a quote at your nearest centre today to explore our versatile signage options. 

Where are corflute signs typically used?

Corflute signs find applications in a range of settings. They are commonly used in retail for promotional displays, at events for directional or informational signs and in construction for site boards. The versatility of corflute boards makes them adaptable to many industries and purposes.

What sizes are available for corflute signs?

Corflute signs are designed in various sizes to address diverse needs. Although A2, A1, and A0 are standard, we can produce custom sizes based on specific requirements. The size selection depends on the intended application and the desired level of visibility for the signage.

Discover the versatility of corflute boards for your business needs. Request a quote today for corflute printing to explore the options available. Generally, we offer next-day turnaround, with some projects completed in as short as two hours, depending on their nature and complexity. For urgent needs or specific products, contact or visit your nearest centre for more details.

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