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Make A Big Impression: Larger Than Life Advertising With Large Format Printing

Signage is an incredibly important medium in business. No matter how impressive your product offering is, if your brand can’t be seen, you’re missing out on potential customers. Today’s society is regularly consumed by online media presented on small screens. We all spend time scrolling past ads on social media, but how many of these ads can you genuinely recall? Turns out, Out Of Home (OOH) ads are the most effective offline medium in driving online activity. Introducing: Large-Format Signage.

Put simply, large format printing is just another form of digital printing, but on a large scale. With a broad range of applications, we usually encounter a great variety of large format prints in our day-to-day routines. 

Strolling past storefronts, you’ve probably seen vibrant A1 posters and window decals advertising products. The local gym might have an A-frame outside, promoting a new special offer. Banners, posters and frames are excellent large format promotional materials. Additionally, we see businesses utilise large format prints in the form of flagsmedia walls and pull up banners at tradeshows and exhibitions. Large format prints even have interior design applications, such as wall murals and window graphics, or to add flair to an event with reception banners and event signage. 

These larger-than-life prints offer businesses a unique advantage; increased visibility. And we mean that in more ways than one. Aside from sheer size able to reach a physically distant audience, large format also increases brand visibility and recognition. We’ve long argued that although digital evolution has improved our lives, there is no substitute for tangible print media. Studies have shown that in comparison to digital media, printed ads produce a greater sense of desire and valuation in the brain. When you produce print media on a large scale, you unleash a highly effective marketing tool that will build engagement and brand retention. 

In business, first impressions count. In fact, it can take just 2 seconds for first impressions to be formed. That’s why ensuring your design is on point is so important. Advertisers have the opportunity to convey powerful messages through high-quality graphics in large format media, but coming up with the right design, that will transfer well on a large scale, can be challenging. 

Offering end-to-end design and print solutions, our Krew love to put their heads together with clients to develop a unique advertisement design strategy that will represent your brand appropriately and deliver an impactful message to your intended audience. Some important considerations for your design include: 

  • Use eye-catching graphics and colours: likely to demand the attention of your viewers! 
  • Know your target market: what are they likely to respond to? More modern and playful graphics might be better suited to a younger audience, whereas a more conservative audience might prefer a more traditional design 
  • Clear and concise message: usually intended to be viewed from a distance, minimal but punchy text will be most impactful in large format advertising

Once your design is sorted, you’ll need to select the appropriate material and finish for your project. These elements have an impact on conveyed messaging, so it’s important to select the ones that best match your business’ brand. 

There’s a lot to consider when selecting materials for your project. Professional printers will guide you in your choice once you’ve determined the intended purpose and location of the print. But having an understanding of the options can help you with your decision:

  • Vinyl is a popular choice for outdoor signage and banners because of its durability
  • Fabric & Canvas are great for indoor displays, providing a more sophisticated look 
  • Paper is an affordable option often used for posters and other temporary displays 

Various laminates such as gloss, matte and UV coating enhance the durability and longevity of the print while also providing a sleek and professional finish. You can further enhance your piece with custom cuts, providing the perfect fit to match your needs. 

Thanks to advancements in print technology, large format printing has become increasingly affordable and turn around times have improved tremendously. This means Kwik Kopy centres are capable of printing your large format project on demand! 

At Kwik Kopy, We Make Large Format Print Possible, so get in touch today! 

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