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Stock Weights Explained

Explore the nuances of paper thickness as we guide you through the varying weights and their ideal applications.


Light and functional, 80gsm is the go-to for general office needs. Whether its memos or drafts, this weight ensures efficient and smooth-day-to-day printing. Ideal for letters.


250gsm bridges the gap between flexibility and sturdiness. Whether you’re crafting luxurious postcards, elegant invitations, or branded marketing collateral, its weight ensures quality that you can feel.


Slightly heftier than your everyday stock, 100gsm lends a touch more sophistication. Ideal for professional reports, quality correspondences, and documents where a hint of prestige can make all the difference.


Entering the luxury card stock realm, 300gsm is all about making an indelible mark. It’s the weight of choice for premium business cards, celebratory greeting cards, and any printed piece aiming for lasting admiration.


A delightful mid-range option, 120gsm offers a balance between substance and distribution ease. It’s the preferred choice for detailed flyers, comprehensive handouts, and promotional materials.


The heavyweight champion of luxury, 350gsm offers an unparalleled tactile experience. Think elite business tools, opulent invitations, or packaging that’s as much a gift as what’s inside.


Stepping into premium territory, 150gsm introduces you to a more luxurious feel. This weight is tailored for brochures, premium flyers, and materials that whisper a touch of sophistication.


With a sturdiness that’s matched only by its luxurious feel, 400gsm is the canvas for projects that seek the pinnacle of elegance. From elite business suites to boutique book covers, it promises admiration at every turn.


When your project demands durability and prominence, 200gsm confidently answers the call. Ideal for impactful posters, book covers, and promotional pieces that not only catch the eye but also endure repeat handling.


When only the absolute best will do, 450gsm stands unmatched. Tailored for the crème de la crème of business materials, presentations, and projects, it’s a testament to unmatched grandeur in the print world.

Paper Stock Types

Dive in and discover our range of paper stocks that tell your story with precision and flair.


The classic choice for standard office printing, offering a consistently smooth and professional feel. Ideal for letters.
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For vibrant images, coated stock enhances colour richness, perfect for high-quality prints.
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Natural in touch and appearance. Uncoated stock offers a understated elegance for timeless pieces.
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Understated elegance and a velvety soft touch. Matte stock offers a non-reflective finish, ideal for sophisticated prints.
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Let your visuals shine! Gloss stock provides a shiny, reflective finish, enhancing colour richness.
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Feel the difference. Textured prints introduce a tactile element, adding depth and character.
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Champion sustainability with our recycled paper stock. Environmental responsibility without compromising on quality.
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Water and tear resistant. Synthetic paper is your go-to for prints that need to endure repeat use.
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