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MemorablesignageEveryone wants their business signs to stand out, so it’s important to get things just right when designing your business signage. After all – it’s not just about making a great first impression – it’s about making a lasting impression.

Follow these design tips to maximise your return on investment and get the attention your business deserves.

6 Design Tips To Get Your Memorable Business Signs Noticed

1. Be colourful in your memorable business signs

Never be afraid of colour when it comes to your business signs. Nobody gets remembered for being understated. Think about bold, contrasting colours to make people sit up and take notice.

2. Be succinct

Remember the less is more rule. An uncluttered sign will be more successful in the long run. A benefit laden headline with a compelling image, plus your company name, logo and contact information might be all you need.

3. Create signage that is interesting

Great signage is about standing out, not trying to blend into the surrounding environment. Make your business signage the most interesting thing around so that people see it even when they’re not looking for it.

4. Be different in your business signs

We all love something that brightens our day, so think about the entertainment value when it comes to your signs. A compelling or thought providing message or graphic is going to get you noticed and have people keen to spread the word.

5. Be in the right place

Think carefully about placement to reach your audience. Low signs are better for people driving around town as drivers tend to focus on windscreen height, but when we’re on the freeway a tall sign is better as we can see them from a distance.

6. Print dramatic signage

Don’t feel you always have to conform. Some of the most successful signage has achieved its notoriety because it’s 3D, in a strange place or oversize. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

For help designing memorable signage for your business, contact the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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