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Packaging_designBranded packaging for your mail and distribution channels is a great way to increase brand recognition and impress your customers. Often the small touches can bring a sense of credibility to your brand and one of the most overlooked of these can be branded packaging materials.

Your packaging materials are an inherent part of your brand identity and should be seen as more than just protection for your products while they are going through the post. The right design can leave your customer with a valuable first impression of your brand, before they even get to the product inside.

How can you design packaging that has an impact?

  1. Showcase Your Creativity: Your business packaging materials need to be more than just a box to mail your items in. Add some creative flair and personality to your designs to remind the customer that there is a human operation behind your business.
  2. Choose Quality: In order for your business packaging design to be an effective tool for marketing your products, you need to choose quality products. Pay a little extra attention to quality materials and you will be seen as a quality business.
  3. Surprise Your Audience: Stand out in a competitive marketplace by being a little bit surprising. Turn your packaging from a plain old box into a beautifully wrapped gift to make your customers feel special and bring a sense of festivity to the moment. Or make them laugh with a fun design.
  4. Keep it Consistent: While it’s important to think outside the box when creating packaging materials, it’s also important to keep a consistent look across your range of marketing materials. Too many differences in style and message and your business will appear flighty or unable to provide a consistent product or service.

Your packaging materials can say a lot about your business and it’s important to create the right impression.  At Kwik Kopy we specialise in creating dynamic packaging solutions for all types of businesses.

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