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5 Steps To Take Your Printed Brochures To The Next Level


Printed brochures offer a versatile marketing tool whether you choose to use them for a stand-alone promotion or as part of your wider marketing mix. But did you know that it’s possible to take your brochures to a whole new level by including interactive features that help engage your targets and lead them to the next step of the buying cycle. Here’s how..

STEP 1 – Social call to action

A simple and cost-effective way to take your printed brochure to the next level is to include a social media call to action. Ask customers and prospects to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you on your social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- and don’t forget to offer an incentive such as a promotional discount or exclusive offer to really motivate them to take action.

STEP 2 – QR codes

QR codes featured on your brochure provide you with a useful, easy to track tool that has the potential to take your target audience to a specific web page, newsletter sign-up or social media ‘like’ page. They can also be linked to a video, mobile app download or a promotional coupon code.

STEP 3 – Scan ‘n’ call

A basic interactive feature that is also incredibly useful as it gives your prospect the ability to simply scan your business number to call you from their mobile devices and these results are trackable. You’ll have direct access to a potential customer at the end of the phone line so make the call count by offering them an incentive for scanning your phone number

STEP 4 – Interactive tracking

Consider a printed brochure with an interactive tracker if your customers need to track the physical location of something. The tracker is applied to the very thing you want tracked and then paired with a mobile app to provide real-time location tracking. Nivea used this to great effect by creating a magazine print ad for their sunscreen with a built-in wrist tracker. Parents were able to place these wristbands on their kids to keep track of their location on busy beaches

STEP 5 – Custom folding for printed brochures

The good news in this age of online is that not everything needs to be digital to create an interactive marketing experience. Custom-folded brochures can be created in almost any shape and size and can be used to walk your target market through your promotion step-by-step to reveal unique selling points every time they unfold a panel of your brochure over.

Kwik Kopy can help you take your brochures to the next level so that you stay ahead of the competition. Speak to you local team today.

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