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How To Create An Effective Business Card


When it comes to networking tools, your corporate business card is still the most important tool in the business toolkit. In a world of intangible digital networking, having a physical souvenir of your business is more powerful than ever before. Compact and portable, an effective business card acts a simple reminder of your interaction but has the ability to communicate so much about your business, even with just a few inches of design space.

How do you put together an effective business card design?

  1. Choose Quality Paper Stock – When it comes to business card finishing, the first thing people will notice is the way the paper feels in their hands so it’s important not to skimp on paper quality. Our fingertips are one of the most receptive areas on our bodies and are able to pick up even the slightest differences in weight or finish, so selecting a heavier paper weight can make a big difference in the perceived value of your brand.
  2. Incorporate Your Logo – Your logo is the biggest contributor to successful brand recognition so of course it needs to be a part of your business card design, but try thinking about how you can incorporate the logo in a different way to increase the impact of your business cards. Consider adding a letterpress element, or die cutting a section of your logo to give your cards – and your business – an added dimension.
  3. Keep it Simple – When it comes to creating your business card, less is more. There’s really no need to have every single avenue of contact included on your card, so select the most important information to include. The Keep it Simple rule also applies to background pictures and font choices, try to stick to sans serif fonts for readability and avoid background pictures that overwhelm the design. Too much information just makes what’s there more difficult to decipher.
    TOP TIP: During networking events, it’s common practice for people to sneak away and make quick notes on a business card about the person they just met, so make sure your card has some clear space for writing some basic info about you – it will help your contacts remember who you were and what you can offer them.
  4. Remember – Design is an Artform – In any great design, there are a lot of elements that need to complement each other in order for it to be cohesive, beautiful, and effective. If even just one element doesn’t communicate well, the whole design can look messy and unprofessional, causing your business – and you – to lose credibility. The true challenge with any design is to be able to make it stand out, without compromising on functionality, professionalism or content.

If you’re looking for some help to create a business card design that can make a powerful impact while maintaining the credibility of your business, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today to talk to one of our expert graphic designers.

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