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Stock Type and Weights

Select the ideal paper stock and weight to enhance your print materials. From coated to uncoated, and bond to specialty papers, strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and durability.

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Print Finishing

We offer a range of finishing options from debossing and spot varnishing, to binding and trimming. Our finishing services offer versatility and add sophistication to your print materials.

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Popular Stocks

Our most sought-after paper stocks, each offering unique appeal.


Understated elegance and a velvety soft touch. Matte stock offers a non-reflective finish, ideal for sophisticated prints.
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Let your visuals shine! Gloss stock provides a shiny, reflective finish, enhancing colour richness.
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Natural in touch and appearance. Uncoated stock offers a subtle sophistication for timeless pieces.
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Champion sustainability with our recycled paper stock. Environmental responsibility without compromising on quality.

Popular Finishing

Dive into our most beloved finishes that elevate aesthetic appeal.

Spot Varnish

Enhance your prints with this unique effect, perfect for highlighting specific areas and adding texture.
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Increase longevity and appeal with lamination. The protective layer guards against wear & tear and adds a refined finish.
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Embossing & Debossing

Raise or indent elements of your design for a 3D effect and added tactile experience. Popular for business cards!
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Print Foiling

Add shiny, metallic accents to your printed materials for a luxe finish. Available in gold or silver.
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Graphic Design Services

Expert Graphic Designers at Your Service

Our skilled Graphic Designers expertly combine creativity with technical knowledge to produce high-quality materials that drive results.


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