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As one year ends and another begins, businesses are turning their attention to ways to get ahead of the competition in the New Year. Business cards continue to be one of the first impressions of your brand, and business card design has come a long way. Choosing the right finish can help differentiate your business cards from others as well as give your business an edge. Why not try one or a combination of the following business card finishes to really make your business card stand out.

1. It’s all in the fold

folded business card

Folding techniques such as single, double, concertina and letter have long been used for a range of marketing collateral such as brochures, letters and invitations. As well as giving your business card a point of difference, it can also give you twice as much space for your company information.

2. Varnish and Spot UV finishes

spot uv business card

Some of the most popular finishing techniques for business cards! Varnish gives a smooth finish without adding too much weight to your business card. The varnish can be gloss, silk or matte to seal the paper and help it last longer. With spot UV, you can highlight different parts of your design such as logos, design elements or text. Choose from a gloss or matt varnish to create texture, visual interest and help enhance the colour and overall effect of your business card.

3. Die-cuts

die cut business card

Die-cutting can be very impactful and involves cutting shapes or designs out of the paper using a die. Gone are the days when business cards had to be rectangle, a custom designed die-cut business card can help your card stand out. It’s a great technique for changing the shape of your card to reflect your business needs. Try rounded corners or patterns cut into the surface of your business card.

4. Foil stamping

foil stamp business card

To add a touch of luxury to your business cards, why not try foil stamping? It’s a great way to enhance your text and logo. A foil is a heat processed coating which is added to parts of your business card design to give contrast. The most common foil colours are gold and silver, but other colours are available.

5. Emboss and deboss

embossed business card

Embossing or debossing business cards are the perfect finishing techniques when you want to add a tactile element to your business card. Embossing uses heat pressing to achieve a raised almost 3D effect to your business card to add texture and emphasis. Debossing (also known as letterpress) is the opposite, creating an indent that adds physical depth to your business card and can really help your business logo stand out.

For quality business cards with finishes that make a great first impression with your customers, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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