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Appointment cards are a great way to market your services and lock in repeat business. When used properly, you can see an increase in customer satisfaction, retention, and even new customer acquisition. 

Running a business is a lot like flying a plane or sailing a boat. Your “passengers” AKA your clients rely on you for everything that they need to know – from confirming the appointment to setting a departure date to establishing requirements for certain activities. Service-oriented professions such as dentistry, dermatology, and beauty, among other things, have one more thing in common with airlines and cruise lines: appointments details are at the core of their operations. 

When we book a flight, we don’t have to worry about where to go next. Almost instantly, a PDF of your ticket containing all the details you need to know will be sent to your inbox.

This is essentially what an appointment card is used for. It’s to help you and your customers keep track of your arrangements. Missed appointments are the bane of any professional whose work revolves around scheduled bookings, and having appointment cards can save you tons of time.

Appointment cards have three main functions:

  • Reminders: Life gets busy and we forget things – that’s just a part of living. But with appointment cards, you can make your customer’s lives a little easier by giving them a tangible reminder of their next appointment. Using appointment cards allows businesses to prebook services, so you know when and where your sales are coming from.
  • Contact Details & Branding: These cards can help your customers keep your business details top of mind. We recommend using one side of your printed appointment card as a business card (with phone, email, address and website details) and the other side for appointment details (date, time, requirements for appointment).
  • Easy Referrals: Appointment cards are pretty much like business cards since it has your name, location, and phone number. Include the cards in info packs, promotional days, giveaways and sponsorship packs to ensure new customers know about your services.

Elements Of An Effective Appointment Card

  1. Size: Appointment cards can come in all shapes and sizes but the best one is easy to keep in your pocket. Appointment cards can have the standard business card size of 90mm x 55mm. This is a safe fit for most wallets, making it easier for your clients to store and keep.
  2. Colour: Appointment cards don’t have to be boring. Make sure that your branding is still clear on your card. Use your brand’s colours, put your logo, and add other things that will make the card uniquely yours.
  3. Quality: We throw away things all the time and a poorly made appointment card is surely going to find itself in the bin. The golden rule of branding? Always put an effort into your print material including appointment cards. Don’t just get a piece of paper and scribble some details on it. Make sure that the card is made from good paper stock, something that won’t easily tear, crumple, or fade. The last thing you want is your customers mistaking your card for a receipt, and throwing it away.
  4. Information to include: The staples include the customer’s name, appointment date and time, location, and reference number. You could also include parking details, appointment requirements (e.g. bring previous forms or results) or details of the service the customer has previously paid for.
  5. Call To Action: Too many designs end with the information and omit the call to action. It’s important to include one-liners like “Call today for our latest deals” or  “Call ahead to reschedule your booking” or “Please confirm your appointment 24 hours before the date.”

Print Appointment Cards with Kwik Kopy

Appointment cards can increase customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition. We are appointment card printing specialists – talk to us today about creating this stylish, useful marketing piece for your business.

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