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A great printed business card can be a powerful marketing tool and if you include an innovative design then it can really become a talking point. Just think about the number of times you hand out a business card to customers, prospects and other contacts and you’ll realise just how effective it can be for helping your brand be the first one people think about when they need the product or service you have to offer.

Standard business cards continue to be a great way to make a good first impression for your business. But these days with great design and the modern printing techniques available, you have plenty of materials and special effects to choose from not to mention that your business card can be almost any shape or size.

If you want your company to stand out from the competition, check out these creative business cards from around the world for inspiration.

6 Creative Business Card Designs to Inspire

  1. Transparent Plastic Business Card

Transparent plastic business cards come with different objects that can be held in front of a person to give them a funny face.

Transparent business cards


  1. Edge Painted Business Card

Edge painting your business cards is another option available to you and can really add a ‘wow’  factor, as seen in this business card for Ubiquitous.

Edge painted business cards


  1. Embellishments

Budget permitting you can add almost any embellishment you want to your business cards, such as this creative design that uses hair clips to promote this hair and make-up artist.

Embellishment business cards


  1. Origami Folding

The innovative thing about this business card for Ninja BTL is that it can be easily folded using origami and made to look like a ninja’s star.

Origami folding business cards

  1. Blooming Business Card

This blooming business card is enveloped by a special film that closes when in normal light, but blooms open like a flower when exposed to sunlight.

Blooming business cards


  1. Pachica Paper

This eye-catching business card for Yuko Ueumura cleverly uses pachica paper which becomes transparent when hot stamped.

Pachica paper business cards

For advice on the right business card design that helps your brand leave a lasting impression, speak to the team at your Contact Kwik Kopy today.

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Please note, these are not Kwik Kopy designs and are meant to serve as creative inspiration only.

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