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Custom sticker Printing can be a fun and effective way to advertise your business. There are lots of different ways that you can incorporate printed stickers into your branding strategies, from fun freebies to innovative product labelling. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use custom stickers to promote your business.

5 Ways to use Custom Sticker Printing to Capture Customers 

Customers as Brand Ambassadors

Giving away custom stickers to your customers and prospects is a great way to transform them into instant brand ambassadors for your business. Consider including them in your shipped orders or invoices. Alternatively keep them in your point of sale area for people to grab as they make their purchase. Customers will stick them on their water bottles, bicycles or laptops if the design is just right, and you’ve instantly got a travelling advertisement for your brand!

Custom Stickers as Product Labelling

Custom sticker printing is a great option for product labelling and product packaging. Whether you need labels for your micro-brew or lotion bottles or seals for product packaging there are a range of options to suit your needs. 

Creative Business Cards

A custom sticker can be a great alternative to a standard business card. After a networking event people often go home with a stack of cards, often not remembering which card belonged to which person. But if yours is the only sticker in the bunch? Instant recognition! Stickers can be laser cut into virtually any shape or size so they’re a great creative choice.

Shipping Label Stickers

When you have an eCommerce business, custom sticker printing can be a great way to boost brand exposure. Create branded shipping labels that you can write your customer’s address on, or even just add branded stickers to the box or parcel. With branded packaging, your customers will know they’re getting something from your business the instant they see the box.

Instant Promotional Products

If you’re interested in creating some promotional products for your business, but don’t have a big budget, stickers are a great option. Pop some stickers on a box of chocolates, or a notebook and bam: instant promotional product.

Want to get some custom stickers to help promote your brand? 

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