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Handing out your printed business card is the absolute clincher of any business networking affair. However in the business world, it’s an unfortunate truth that many business cards will get thrown out on a daily basis. All business card owners know it’s important for our business cards to find good, safe homes – preferably someone’s wallet or top drawer. Nobody wants to imagine their business card ending up in the bin or gutter, so how do you make sure it gets kept long after the meeting ends?

Creative Business Card Checklist:

Size: Is your business card the right size for a wallet? In Australia, conventional business cards should be 9cm – 5.5cm. Business cards that don’t fit into wallets or business card holders will invariably get discarded.

Paper Quality: Home-made or cheap business cards stick out like a sore thumb from the professionally printed ones. Make sure your business card isn’t flimsy, or has perforated edges. No matter how attached someone may become to your business card, a flimsy card is difficult to put in a wallet.

Ink Quality: Make sure your business card can withstand getting wet. If the ink runs or becomes illegible, it will get thrown away.

Branding: Ensure your business card design matches the identity and branding of your business. This goes for your logo, colours, layout, etc; as well as the general attitude it presents. If you’ve got a fun or creative business, your business card should be fun or creative too. Bad branding makes for a weak business card that will get forgotten or binned.

Colour Scheme: Too much colour can look unprofessional and distract from your business card’s message. Ideally, your business card should have around three colours, unless using a photograph.

Clarity: Your business card should clearly state who you are and what you do. A missing or confusing business card message will result in the card getting thrown out, either instantly or down the track. An unclear message also stops you from being remembered in the long term, for people who do keep your card.

Consider a Specialty Business Card: At Kwik Kopy, we can produce speciality business card products that are sure to get your details noticed. We can print magnetic business cards, folded business cards, mini and micro business cards, calendar business cards and appointment business cards. Give us a call to discuss your next speciality business card print project.

The right information: Your business card should be designed to give people information on a need-to-know basis. Include your name, company/role, phone, email and website. If any important details are missing, it will get binned. At the same time, don’t cram your business card with too much information. Keep your business card message concise – and if you need to, use the back of the card for the extra text. Overloading your business card will also see it get binned.

Your business card should be one of your hardest working employees. Kwik Kopy’s designers are experts in making sure your business card is fit enough for the long haul. For all your business card design and printing needs, visit your nearest Kwik Kopy centre.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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