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When our east and west coast businesses merged, creating 94 Ausure licensed branches across the country, we faced a logistics nightmare. Each branch had its own identity which in turn needed to fit under the Ausure parent brand. We became responsible for an almost infinite range of printed collateral and stationery.

We were having big problems controlling the consistency of our Ausure brand; colours not matching between printers, irregular formatting and numerous logo variations. I had to manually process each print order for every branch – it soon became unworkable.

As head of national operations I needed to standardise our print catalogue and simplify the ordering and delivery process.

With Kwik Kopy we put together a corporate identity style guide. We created a co-branded Ausure print catalogue for all of our branches using tamper proof design templates for business cards, stationery, training manuals, leaflets – the list grew long!

We used Zenith Hub – Online Print Management as a means to put all this precious material online for each branch to access. Suddenly all of our logistics issues were resolved.

It was inexpensive and painless to set up as Kwik Kopy did all the hard work.

Now each branch has the ability to go online 24/7, select from our extensive catalogue, personalise and proof their artwork and place their order. The end product is delivered directly to their door quicker than ever before.

It’s so simple for them to use, with fixed pricing and guaranteed brand consistency.

Our Ausure Zenith Hub site now runs itself and I feel confident that each order is right without the need to get involved. It’s added incredible value to our brand and has made the impossible possible.

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