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The key to the success of Zenith Hub is that it allows our organisation to enhance and innovate our existing manual processes.

HLB Mann Judd accountants and business advisers have been working with Kwik Kopy for over 15 years for all of their printing needs.  Headquartered in Sydney, with multiple offices throughout Australia and New Zealand they had their own processes for managing brand assets and printing between offices, but the situation could be improved and tightened.

Kwik Kopy Circular Quay presented Zenith Hub, an online print management solution that would allow HLB Mann Judd to better manage their brand assets such as all of their marketing stationery including business cards and envelopes as well as their professional profiles, template forms and presentations.

Being an accounting firm, efficiency and process is a constant pursuit and Zenith Hub provides a central access point as well as a production approval process for management to maintain control of all brand assets and corporate communications sent by the firm.

Initially apprehensive about using a new piece of technology, Kim Kelloway, Head of Business Development and Clients at HLB Mann Judd, explains how Zenith Hub has exceeded expectations with not only time efficiencies but other benefits too, including:

  • Tracking all of our orders – at any one time I can see jobs that are either awaiting approval or on their way from Kwik Kopy. There are no more surprises with junior staff members placing orders without my knowledge or approval.
  • Production approval process – all our staff have access to Zenith so they can personalise artwork and place orders. Once placed, Zenith Hub manages the approval process engaging our internal stakeholders including the business head as well as marketing and finance. Zenith Hub notifies me as well as all other stakeholders as to the status of the job and the job is not released to Kwik Kopy for production until all stakeholders have signed off. Zenith Hub even lets me know when the job is likely to be delivered by Kwik Kopy.
  • Financial Control – managing budgets between several offices in Australia and New Zealand can be a challenge, but with Zenith Hub this task has become a lot easier. At any time I can access Zenith to get a rolling report for each of our offices and at the end of the month I’ve got one central point for reporting up to finance and management. This makes life a lot easier, prior to Zenith Hub being implemented in our firm I was constantly chasing up branch offices via phone and email.
  • Real Time – there is nothing more exciting than working in real time. Zenith Hub allows me to update artwork and send amends between colleagues located both here in Australia and New Zealand as well as Kwik Kopy Centres in real time. Prior to Zenith we were sending marked up hard copies which was not only a hassle but also time consuming.

The key to the success of Zenith Hub is that it allows our organisation to enhance and innovate our existing manual processes. Kwik Kopy is at the edge of this online print management technology and Zenith Hub really is the future for us.

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