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Zenith Web2PrintZenith is a custom-built web2print solution designed to lighten your load by providing a centralised ordering, recording and distribution control centre for all your print jobs. Zenith streamlines your business processes by passing your orders directly through to Kwik Kopy for processing and delivery.

One Kwik Kopy Centre that knows all about the benefits of Zenith is Kawana Waters. The Centre’s Customer Service Representative, Claire, was so impressed with what Zenith was doing for her clients that she now uses it herself. “We use it in-house for some accounts and we’re trying to identify customers that would be suitable to use it themselves,” she said. “If they’re interested, we get Steve (Centre owner) to do a demo to show how easy it is to use.”

Claire finds that the Zenith customers at Kawana Waters appreciate the way they can do everything easily – and speedily – online. “It enables them to do it themselves. They can just login and do everything there.” The Zenith interface shows order history, spending, and offers an easy to use platform for checking artwork and proofreading your important details.

The most important thing for Claire though is Zenith’s time-saving benefits, as well as the way it reduces pressure on their graphic designer. “The turnaround time is really fast. It frees up our designer and it means that customers don’t have to join the queue. Of course every centre is slightly different but once I get an order for, say, business cards, I can have them printed almost straight away.”

One of Kawana Waters’ Zenith customers has 50 different sites across the local area. Instead of head office staff needing to consult with a designer and a printer, determine their latest logo, check multiple proofs and arrange delivery of the final bound and collated product to the site of their choosing – all to simply reprint a few forms – using Zenith requires just a few mouse clicks, a quick proofread and then Kwik Kopy can do the rest. Claire even arranges the couriering!

When you submit your most recent artwork to Zenith, you are giving your business the best possible chance of maintaining a more consistent brand image across all your business stationery and marketing materials. “One of our bigger customers regularly prints a lot of training manuals. With Zenith, they can order what they want, when they want it, and we can just print it straight out and put the cover on it.”

Businesses of all sizes can use Zenith, but it is obviously of most benefit to those businesses that have a relatively high frequency need for printing services – most use it to order printing a couple of times per month.

In the Kawana Waters area, there are a number of government-funded organisations with large numbers of staff. They particularly appreciate Zenith for the fast turnaround on business cards for new employees. All it takes is some quick typing and proofreading – no designer necessary. Smaller businesses can also benefit from Zenith: Claire says that a local doctor’s surgery uses it to order items such as branded patient forms. “It saves both us and them time. There’s no searching through to find the most recent artwork.”

If you would like to learn more about what Zenith could do for your business, drop into your nearest Kwik Kopy location for a demonstration or have a chat to your Account Manager

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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