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Your logo is one of your strongest marketing tools and if it has been around for a while then it could be time to breathe new life into its design. How you answer the following questions may just help you decide if your logo needs an update or complete redesign.

1. Does my logo reflect my business today?

One of the main reasons to update your logo design is to better reflect the evolution of your business. If your logo doesn’t currently represent what your business has on offer, then it could be time for a rebrand. Company mergers are often a reason to rebrand a business logo, with the new design that could see you starting from scratch or choosing to combine branding colours to create a new look. Even for smaller companies, a shift in business activity such as adding new products and services can mean it’s time to redesign your logo and broader marketing strategy. It’s all about capturing the essence of what you are today as well as your plans for the future.

2. Does my logo work well in print and online?

If your logo has been around for a while then it may need to be redesigned so that your logo converts well on your website and social media. These days a simple logo design works best across multiple platforms both offline and online. You want a design that will look good in black and white as well as colour. You also need a logo that can be sized up and down to fit all your marketing collateral and platforms. From business cards, letterhead, posters and banners to your website and social media pages such as Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s important to be able to read and recognise your logo design at any size.

3. Does my logo help me stand out from the competition?

Take a look at your competitors’ logos and if you find their designs are more appealing then it’s time to look at a logo refresh. It’s important that your logo projects the right image for your business and that your logo design looks current. Logo designs go through trends so if your company logo is starting to look a bit dated or old fashioned then you need to do something about it. Finally, if you started out with a logo that you or a friend created then now is also a good time to seek professional help.


Example: Google

A great logo will offer a continuing return on investment as long as people recognise and value what it stands for. Most brands and logos subtly evolve as their business develops, but if you change your logo too frequently you risk confusing your customers. Google are one company that seems to get the balance right, updating their logo design around every 5 years and creating plenty of excitement in the process.

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