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corporate branding mainThe prospect of creating your corporate identity can be overwhelming for any business. And when it comes to building well-balanced, powerful corporate design, you do need to think beyond just your business logo or letterhead template.

Getting the balance right helps to create strong brand cohesion, build your credibility and can make your business more recognisable than ever.

With those goals in mind, there are four main elements you need to consider.

4 Elements of Good Corporate Design


Your logo is an important part of your corporate design, but it pays to remember that it is only one aspect of your brand strategy. A great logo is a great start, but you will need to tie in all other aspects of your design for it to be a success.


Typography is one design element that is often overlooked by new businesses – but the truth is that your choice of text can say a lot about your brand – not to mention help speed up comprehension and instil trust in your audience. Go with something simple and clean like Helvetica for a classic look.


Your use of colour will play an important role in impression forming for your brand. Make sure you do some research to find out what impact your preferred brand colours might have on your audience. For example, black is a popular colour for many luxury brands while orange is popular for budget service providers.


Every design choice you make will impact the overall perception of your brand. Even if you’re a budget service provider, you still want your brand design to reflect an image of quality. For example, we all know that Jetstar is a budget airline, but we still need to trust them before we’ll let them take us 15,000 feet into the air, no matter how cheap their pricing structure.

For help bringing your designs and ideas together to create a powerful brand profile, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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