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Get your logo design just right and it will instantly let people know exactly what your brand is all about. The good news when designing a logo for your business is that the most effective ones have a few things in common. So let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients to help make your logo a success.

3 Essential Ingredients for a Logo that Stickslogo_design_how_to

  1. Keep it Simple

Your targets should be able to take one look at your logo and know what your business is all about. We live in a busy world and the easier you make your logo to process, the more people will thank you for it and the more likely they are to get the right message about your brand. For a great example of the KISS principle, just think how Apple embraced simplicity by moving from their old rainbow-coloured logo to a solid black or grayscale to present customers with a simple aesthetic that is easy on the eye.

  1. Convey your Brand Storylogo-design-elements

Your logo design needs to give your targets a good feel for your business and reflect your overall image through the use of colour and graphics. Your logo should communicate the story of your brand including your brand personality, the types of products or services your business offers, who you can help and what sets you apart from the competition. In order to convey these key characteristics through your logo design, break it down to just a couple of ideas you want your targets to see. This way you’ll still keep your logo design simple and effective.

  1. Create an Impression

You want your logo to be memorable for all the right reasons. This means a logo design that is something your target market can recall with ease and lets them know and remember exactly what your business stands for. Remember that your logo is also the basis for all your marketing collateral, so your design has to be something that is going to look good across all your promotional materials from your company business card through to your letterhead, brochures, flyers and large format items such as posters, banners and signage.

For a professional logo design that helps your business stand out from the competition, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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