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design1 mainIt’s easy to recognise that keeping up with design trends is important, but why? Well perhaps the most obvious answer is keeping up with design trends will ensure your business remains relevant to your target audience and consumers. After all, whether you are conscious of it or not – society is accustomed to good design.

Here are our favourite trends for 2015 to keep up to date with in the graphic design environment, as well as some trends to avoid.

Our Favourite Trends in 2015

Hand Written Typography

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and aesthetically beautiful. One of the biggest trends for 2015 is hand-illustrated typography. Ditch the computer and have a play with pens, paints, watercolour and inks.

Our top tip for hand rendered typography: ensure it is always legible and use it to accentuate your overall design. Take a look at one young Australian graphic designer with her spin on hand written typography.


Illustrations are a fun and creative way to communicate to your target market. The beauty of illustrations is that they can range from sleek and simple to intricate and detailed. It can be drawn by hand, on the computer or a combination of both.

A great Australian example of illustration used to market a product/event is that of the Woodford Folk Festival. The event’s colourful and eye catching poster designs change from year to year and are Woodford’s unofficial trademark that speak of whimsy, fun and adventure.


The minimalist trend is not only big in Australia, but also huge on a global scale. Small time players are doing it through to multi-billion dollar companies.

One of the biggest and best examples is Apple. A minimalist design approach extends across all areas of their business. This is evident from their product and interface design to packaging and the iconic white ‘Apple’ logo. Clean, crisp logos and brand identity are without a doubt the way of the future in a design sense.

Now you’ve got some inspiring trend ideas please try to avoid these ‘current’ trends still creeping around the design room floor.

Current Trends to Avoid

Crossed X

From coffee roasters, to fashion labels, to media companies, to motorbike shops; the Crossed X logo has been used to represent just about every industry and is quickly becoming overused.  We suggest steering clear of this clichéd style as it lumps your business in with all of the others and says to your target audience you are just like everyone else – the opposite of what you want!

If the simplicity of the Crossed X logo style is what interests you, try your hand at designing something similar. Perhaps an adaptation of this popular style may suit your business but remember to think outside the box.

Copy Cat

Inspiration is a huge part of the initial design process and helps spark ideas of what might be great for your business. However, there is a fine line between inspiration and directly copying another artist or designer’s work.

Not only will others in the industry recognise copycat behaviour, your target audience will quickly catch on. This has the potential to negatively affect your business, damaging your brand identity and authenticity.

Use your favourite artists’ and designers’ work as inspiration and creative support. Keep your design 100% original and true to your brand’s vision.

Overdoing Typefaces

As mentioned earlier, hand illustrated typography is one of the more popular trends at the moment. However, too many different typefaces in one design can be a quick and easy way to alienate your target audience.

Using more than three-typefaces in one design is generally a big no-no and it’s usually one of the first rules a teacher fires off in Design 101. Complex typographic material is hard for the eye to read and understand. Furthermore having too many typographic styles in your design will quickly ensure your marketing message will be lost; losing its functionality.

Staying relevant in design is hard work but rewarding. Make sure your business is authentic and your designs are original.

If you need a little nudge in the design department, let our team help your business execute good design and style today!

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