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designerMost of us can recognise a great design when we see one, but few people realise just how difficult it can be to create a design that is functional, beautiful and powerful all at the same time. So how can you create impactful designs for your business?

4 Steps to Great Business Design

  1. Keep it Simple

    The most common design mistake that newcomers make is trying to cram too many elements into the design space. Put too much into your design and you’ll find it becomes distracting. Not to mention that it will dilute your key message. An effective business design will have a few important design elements emphasised, while keeping everything else low profile. 

    TIP: Use colour to draw attention to your ‘call to action’ to lead customers in the right direction.

  2. Focus on Balance

    Keeping your design balanced will give your audience visual stability, allowing them to focus more clearly on the information at hand. For beginners we recommend focusing on creating symmetrical design; asymmetrical design can be pleasing to the eye, but you will need to use alternative techniques to balance your design in other ways. 

  3. Know Your Colours

    Most businesses will already know the exact shade of their logo colours, but do you know which colours complement those in your logo? Or which colours you should use to direct focus to different areas in your design? Colour is a vital component to great design and can powerfully influence your audience. 

  4. Size Does Matter

    Keeping all of your elements in proportion – to each other and in terms of the overall size of your platform – is a simple way to create a harmonious design that feels logical to your audience. Having one element not in scale with the rest of your design, will draw focus away from your message. 

For more tips on creating great designs for your business, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today. 

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