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Design for Business GrowthEverything that has your company name on it says something about you and your company. In business, where communication is everything, your printed material needs to be impressive and should help differentiate you from your competitors. That’s where Kwik Kopy can help. Experienced designers will work with you to develop an overall image that works best for your company. This image is made up of a few elements: a logo, branding and corporate design.

Creating a memorable logo is a vital part of any successful marketing campaign. Many of the world’s biggest and most accomplished organisations can credit their logo as a major part of their domination. Kwik Kopy’s designers can work with you to create the best logo for your brand that will work across all your marketing collateral. Logo design can be a complex process but, with Kwik Kopy’s help, you’ll have an even greater chance of creating an instantly recognisable symbol of your business.

In conjunction with a well-designed logo, narrowing down your brand will create a visual identity which, when kept consistent, will help raise awareness of your company making it recognisable in even the most competitive markets. Able to advise you on colours, imagery and finishing touches, Kwik Kopy’s designers know what it takes to make a brand.

Consistency counts when it comes to maintaining your company’s image in a competitive market. Kwik Kopy can ensure your brand stays consistent by storing and archiving all the designs produced for you. Then, whenever it comes time to reprint or create a fresh campaign, Kwik Kopy’s designers can use these files to continue your consistent image throughout your future flyers, catalogues, brochures and business cards.

Graphic design isn’t simply applying colour to paper; it is the aesthetic arrangement of type and image in order to interest, inform, persuade, or sell. From postcards and flyers to folders and forms, the Kwik Kopy designers can apply your visual identity to any item you require. Don’t leave design to chance: leave it to the experts.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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