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Importance_of_good_brand_designBranding is a word that’s often thrown around in the marketing world, but in reality, many people still don’t understand it or take it seriously. In reality, having a good brand design can be the difference between a business generating a lead or not, and many business owners don’t even know it.

So, why exactly is a good brand design important for a business? 

It’s Easy to Identify

Before you can truly begin to understand why good branding is identifiable, it’s a good idea to use an example. Take McDonald’s for example. All you probably have to see is the classic shape of the “M” arches to immediately know that it is a symbol of the McDonald’s corporation. This is what is known as a good brand design. McDonald’s has made such a personal connection to its consumer base that they can immediately think of their brand just by seeing something as simple as a shape. 

Finding a memorable branding system and consistently connecting it to your consumers until it’s personal is the first great way to build a good brand design.

It Says Something About You 

Next, a good brand design is important because it speaks volumes about who you are. A branding system that exhibits good design practices and balanced elements will communicate many things to your potential leads or customers within seconds of them finding out about your business. After all, you don’t want your potential customer’s first impression of your business being that you’re unprofessional because your branding isn’t solid or understandable. Make sure that your brand and design communicates a message, and make sure that it is consistent.

Consistency means that you use the same graphic design elements and rules for every medium that you advertise on. This is extremely vital to the branding process. 

Your Brand Speaks to Your Audience

Lastly, but certainly not least, a brand design is considered good when it can speak correctly to your audience. For example, if you’re targeting senior citizens and their adult children in your advertising for a nursing home, you don’t want to use wild graphics or typefaces that might be more synonymous with a nightclub or theme park. This probably seems far-fetched, but this mistake is made all the time. Designing your brand to accommodate your consumer base is a very strong method for gaining and keeping customers.

Overall, a good brand design can be the difference between you landing a sale or not. It can make or break your image. So stop skimping on what your brand tells people about you and incorporate good design practices and elements!

(image by Celeste RC)

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