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Let’s face it, you can’t afford for your business to go unnoticed. No matter your industry, business signage should be an essential part of your strategy to attract customers. Today there is a wide range of extremely effective signage options to choose from. But how can you tell if your signage is as effective as it could be?

4 questions you should ask yourself for an effective signage review:

“Does my signage look dated, weathered or dull?”

Often, after business owners put up signs they immediately become part of the ‘background noise’ of their space, so they don’t notice when things start to look dated. This is particularly true of outdoor signage exposed to the elements. Run a critical eye over your current business signage. How does everything look? Could your signage do with an update?

“Does this signage reflect the personality of my brand?”

If you commissioned signage for your business when you first started out, it’s likely your budget was smaller or that you didn’t yet have a clear vision of your brand. Upon inspection, you might find that your brand’s style has changed, or that you can more accurately communicate to your intended audience now that you know a little bit more about your business.

“Is my business visible from the street?”

It’s all well and good to be accessible to customers who already know where you are, but are you making the most of the ‘traffic’ that passes you by each and every day? You can bring attention to your business with directional signage, customised flags, or even strategically placed branded vehicles or trailers in the street. Make sure your storefront signage is not only appealing – but also clearly communicates what your business does for those who might not already know you.

“If I walked into this building for the first time could I navigate effectively?”

Take a moment to assess your space as if entering your business for the very first time. By approaching the space as if it’s brand new you’ll be able to get a feel for what your customers see. How is your wayfinding signage? Could a customer easily navigate to the items they need? Can they see where they need to go to pay, from all common vantage points? 

Ready for a signage revamp?

At Kwik Kopy we have a host of business signage options to suit every budget. From A-frames and posters to floor signage and vehicle magnets, we have everything you need to get your business the attention it deserves.

If you’ve already designed your signage, simply send us the files and we’ll get started for you right away. But if you’re unsure of exactly what you want to say, or how you’d like it to look, that’s okay too. Contact the design team at your local Kwik Kopy centre today and together we’ll create the perfect signs for your business.

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