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Kwik Kopy is delighted to announce the launch of our national ‘We Make Possible’ campaign, rolling out from 12 September 2022.

This year marks our 40th anniversary of delivering quality printing services in Australia. Our latest campaign marks the first step in the next evolution of Kwik Kopy — one defined by purpose-led action and digital innovation that will see us thrive in the decades to come.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in collaboration with staff members, franchisees, customers and business partners to clarify exactly who we are, why we exist and what we stand for.

As a result, we’ve developed a new purpose that will guide our service delivery into the future and solidify Kwik Kopy’s reputation as Australia’s print provider of choice.

Why are we redefining our purpose?

Did you know Kwik Kopy was one of Australia’s first printing services? We’re proud to say we’ve maintained a competitive edge from day dot thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Penfold family.

Under the leadership of Kwik Kopy Chair Matthew Penfold and our new CEO Sonia Shwabsky, we’re taking action to carry on the Penfold family tradition of market disruption and organisational progress.

Just as William Clark Penfold modernised his services by purchasing a state-of-the-art Linotype machine back in 1886, today we’re establishing a purpose-led vision that will help us meet our customers’ needs as they evolve.

How we’re putting our purpose into practice

Our new vision is ambitious — but so are we! And we know the power that people have to bring a brand to life. We know it because we see the way our staff members and franchisees champion Kwik Kopy every single day.

This is why we’ve introduced a new purpose and new values and behaviours that will further engage and unite our people and our customers.

Sure, we’ve got big plans to modernise our brand, revitalise our online presence and extend our product and service offerings. But it’s our people who will define our customer service experiences.

Introducing our new brand purpose (drum roll, please!)

Our brand purpose is this: ‘Empowering entrepreneurs to make their mark on the world.’

In clarifying what we offer our people, customers and community, these words will provide drive, ambition and focus as Kwik Kopy evolves.

From this purpose flows key brand aspects that will define how we deliver our products and services, and ultimately how we shape a future for our brand and business.

Our brand idea

Kwik Kopy’s latest national campaign places our new brand idea front and centre.

‘We Make Possible’ expresses our long-term strategy and purpose in one statement. It inspires feelings of confidence and motivation, and it highlights the possibilities we provide for our customers and franchisees when it comes to achieving their unique goals.

Our core behavioural values

By living the following values, we will continue to deliver on our purpose in the years to come:

  • Creativity — we dig deep in order to amplify each and every idea that comes into our care.
  • Ambition — we are go-getters with our vision, always on the lookout for what’s going to propel us and our community forward.
  • Excellence — we do everything to the best of our abilities and to the highest standards.
  • Community — we work together as a community to build relationships based on care and trust, and to do what’s best for the places where we work, live and play.

Our vibrant personality

The ‘We Make Possible’ campaign debuts a new look for Kwik Kopy that showcases the key aspects of our personality.

Together, we are:

  • Ingenious — we love finding solutions to challenges.
  • Entrepreneurial — we’re fully invested; we back ourselves and act with urgency.
  • Vibrant — we’re bursting with energy and boldly embrace the uniqueness of our brand and people.
  • Nimble — we achieve excellence by thinking on our feet and acting fast.
  • Focused — we are clear about our priorities and consistently work to achieve them.

Our positioning statement

We are: ‘Your trusted business partner — helping turn your entrepreneurial ambitions into reality.’

We want our business customers to think of us as an extension of their team. We want all our customers to trust that we will understand their needs and deliver tangible value that will help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

This positioning statement is backed by our proof pillars.

Our proof pillars

The following proof pillars are what we do really well:

  • We’re a strong and exciting brand.
  • We deliver impactful products and services.
  • We provide transformative business platforms.
  • We support an entrepreneurial culture.

While we’re very proud of our achievements, you won’t catch us resting on our laurels. We’re actively developing new innovations to take our proof pillars to the next level and beyond.

Our commitment to sustainability

We know that our customers share our vision for a sustainable future. As part of our forward journey, Kwik Kopy is committed to becoming more sustainable in our production and delivery.

Over 80% of our franchises have achieved the Sustainable Green Print industry certification. This means we recycle our waste and safely dispose of any chemicals.

Kwik Kopy is also proud to say that we:

  • Source the best quality products and materials from onshore suppliers
  • Are aligned with accredited renewable energy suppliers
  • Are a partner in the Plant-a-Tree initiative with Carbon Neutral
  • Offer sustainable print and packaging options 
  • Support our customers to adopt new sustainable options

Let’s make [your idea] possible!

The Kwik Kopy community is bursting with new ideas. Whether you’re a frequent customer or have never used our services before, whether you’re a staff member or franchisee, we want you to bring your ideas to us so we can help make it happen.

No idea is ever too big or too small.

Watch our manifesto video.


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