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When it comes to design, that old adage is true; you really do get what you pay for.

While there are some savvy and stylish DIY design systems available online these days, not all graphic design is created equal. These templates are often very low cost, or even free, which can be appealing to business owners on a budget. But it is hard to stand out in a busy marketplace when your brand looks the same as everything else.

Professional designers spend years learning the right way to appeal to the masses by creating powerful design that gets real results. Whether it’s your business card, website design or even printed marketing materials, a professional design won’t just look great, it will inspire action, and when it comes to business, action is what you need to find success.

3 Reasons Why Professional Graphic Design Matters

It Builds Credibility

DIY design may be cheap, but it can’t establish legitimacy for your brand in the same way that a professional graphic design will. Today’s customer is pretty design-savvy and will quickly spot an amateur design job. This will position your business very differently than if a professional designer had done the job. In short, DIY design stands out as just that – DIY, and that will reflect on your brand.

It Communicates More

Your DIY design might look good, but every single aspect of a professional design is created to communicate effectively to your customer. From the font to the colour choice – even the blank space in the design is thoughtfully considered to ensure that you’re saying exactly what you want to about your business and that you’re inspiring the right feelings and actions in your audience.

It Allows Your Business to Evolve More Organically

Professional design will raise the image of your business from the get-go, but more importantly, it will allow you to evolve more seamlessly as your business grows. All successful businesses go through a brand evolution as they progress. Sometimes it’s just a tiny tweak or two, sometimes it will be a complete rebranding to respond to market shifts over time. Starting off with professional design will give you a more solid base for that evolution.

Here at Kwik Kopy we have a team of expert graphic designers on hand to create highly successful and impactful designs for your business. But you know what else we have? A sense of humour about design, and we have to admit that spotting bad design always gives us a bit of a chuckle…

We’ve collected some of our favourite design mistakes below – hopefully, they’ll give you a smile too.

Shoplifters will be what?

Bad design example - text sign


Well, that’s a relief!


An existential crisis?


Product design gone wrong


This clock storefront


Mixed messages


Don’t what?


This hurts our eyes


Hope you’re not in a hurry


Maybe rethink this one

Ready to get the professionals on board for your business design? Contact the team at Kwik Kopy today.

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