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Brand_identityThe basic science of branding identity focuses on how different colours, words, shapes and images make people feel. Get it right and you present a ‘face’ or personality that potential customers relate to. But it’s about more than just your company logo design.

A great branding identity focuses on a whole range of different aspects that come together to create a unique impression about your business.

  • logo, brand name and/or mark
  • slogan or description
  • voice or positioning
  • typography style
  • colour palette
  • images
  • branding rules

When it comes to creating the right identity for your brand you have to know your customers – which is where small businesses have the advantage.

Big businesses have to pay for focus groups and other expensive research methods to find out what their customers want from them and how their brand is perceived.

But if you regularly deal with your customers face-to-face, then you have a natural advantage over your bigger competitors because your relationships are closer.

Can you ask regular customers what they like about your branding, products and services – and what, if anything, they’d like to change?

For example, customers might love a particular product, but think the packaging doesn’t do it any favours, they might not believe your slogan because it sounds like an empty promise, or they might have difficulty viewing your logo on their computer screen because of a strange colour combination.

The ideal is that they feel so comfortable talking with you that they’ll give you profound and honest feedback. As humans we have a higher tolerance for the shortcomings of people we like. We’re more willing to forgive friends. Great friends will also be upfront about our shortcomings, so make the most of those human connections to get your branding identity into shape.

To speak to a branding expert about how you can make the best impression on your customers contact the team at Kwik Kopy.

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