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Mum business ownersBeing responsible for a family can be a full-time job, but if you’re a mother with dreams of being a business owner as well as a mother, then a franchise can be a great choice. Franchising can be a great way to find flexibility in the workplace while gaining some financial freedom along the way.

4 Reasons Mums Should Own a Franchise

  1. Family First – When you’re the boss you can be more flexible about the needs of your family. If you need to work from home, pick a franchise that allows you to do that, or if you’d prefer to work away from home choose one that allows you to do that instead. If one of the kids is sick you can take time off without feeling guilty about letting the boss down, and being a franchise owner puts you in the best position for finding that elusive work/life balance
  2. Choose Your Lifestyle – There are lots of different franchises out there, which means you can find one that fits the lifestyle you want for your family. If you’re sharing care of the kids with someone who works 9-5, choose a franchise that is busiest on weekends and nights. If you want to be more available to your children on weekends, pick one that is only operational during business hours. The right franchise will allow you to structure your hours around the unique needs of your family.
  3. Financial Freedom – Children can be expensive, and those expenses can be more stressful if one parent isn’t working. A successful business means more financial freedom for your family, and buying into a franchise reduces the risks involved in being a business owner. Buying into a franchise is especially helpful if you need additional help obtaining business financing because most reputable franchises will have existing relationships with the big banks and can help you get finance approval.
  4. Family Values – You want to raise your kids right, and in most cases the best way to teach your kids the values you want to impart is by modelling them. Watching you build a thriving business will teach your children valuable lessons about ambition and determination. They will see what it looks like to have a strong work ethic and will learn by your example, what it’s like to manage a business in the real world. That kind of business exposure will be invaluable to them.

Are you interested in becoming a Kwik Kopy franchisee? Contact the team today to find out how you can own one of Australia’s top rated franchises.

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