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Franchising growth stepsYou’ve done your research, secured financing, signed the paperwork and you’re now the proud owner of your very own franchise business – congrats! Now comes the fun part – building your investment into a success. The growth stage of the business can be hard work, but there are few things in life more rewarding than building a successful business from scratch. For most small business owners the biggest struggle is creating growth strategies for their business, but the truth is that most business owners are over-thinking it. Growth is easy if you follow these basic rules.

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Franchise

  1. Focus on the Customer – When you are hyper focused on your customer’s needs, you can create both products and processes that inspire customer loyalty. Your customer service goal shouldn’t just be to keep your customers satisfied, but to delight them. Try looking at your business from an outsider’s perspective to help you identify new ways to connect with your customers.
  2. Choose Empathy – True growth comes when you stop thinking about what you can offer, and start thinking about what your clients and customers actually want and need. Once you’ve developed a deep enough understanding of what your prospects desire, and adjusted your ‘pitch’ accordingly, the conversion process becomes much more successful.
  3. Have Great People – Good staffing is not just about getting “butts in seats”. Ensuring that you’ve found the best person for the job is vital if you want your business to run smoothly and reach its potential. Your cousin might be looking for work, but unless they are actually an experienced account manager, don’t hire them as one – no matter how happy it will make your folks.
  4. Become Indispensable – Your goal should be to make life so easy for your customers that it is simply too difficult for them to survive without you. Be available to them, find solutions to their problems and make the process of working with them so seamless that they can’t imagine getting the job done without you.
  5. Focus on Retention – Business retention is vitally important for long term business growth, and retaining customers is much more cost effective than replacing those lost to your competitors, which is why you should never leave it to chance. A dedicated account management plan is essential.

Do you want to become a franchise owner? Contact the Kwik Kopy franchise team today to find out why we’re one of Australia’s top rated franchises.

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