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Women in businessThese days there are more women in leadership roles than ever before, and according to the ABS women are starting small businesses at twice the rate of men. In Australia alone there are almost half a million business owners who are women – and the numbers just keep rising. Not only are women starting businesses, but they’re finding great success too, and showing great leadership skills in the process. So what is it about these women that makes them great leaders?

5 Reasons Why Women Make Such Great Leaders

  1. Communication – Communication is a huge part of any leadership strategy, and women are often excellent communicators, not only when it comes to verbalising their ideas, but also in terms of listening to other people’ More effective communication helps staff members feel heard and validated when issues arise which also increases staff morale and retention.
  2. Empathy – One of the biggest factors when it comes to job satisfaction for employees, is the boss’s ability to empathise. Women are often better able to understand the problems affecting their staff members and are better able to detect when staff members are struggling so they can step in with support before issues get too big to handle.
  3. Conflict Resolution – Business owners inevitably encounter conflict. Whether it be from suppliers, management or even staff members battling it out over break times. Female leaders can often be better mediators, allowing for better conflict resolution within the workplace and a happier result for all parties involved.
  4. Risk vs Caution – Women are traditionally a little more risk adverse than men, they tend to err on the side of caution with a focus on long-term planning over short-term gains. Being more cautious makes them a safer investment overall, particularly in times of financial crisis when risk-awareness is a more valuable management approach.
  5. Flexibility – A large number of women business owners are also juggling their work commitments with the needs of a family at home. This not only makes them excellent at multi-tasking and time management, but also helps them to understand the need for flexibility in the workplace for other members of their team.

Are you a woman ready to tackle the business world? A Kwik Kopy franchise is an excellent choice! Contact the team today to find out more – we’re one of Australia’s top rated franchises.

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