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Regional businessesOpening a franchise can be a great opportunity for financial success. These days there are lots of opportunities available for those interested in buying into the world of franchising, what you might not realise though is that some of the most rewarding franchise opportunities are found outside metropolitan centres. Regional franchises are a great way to break into franchising, but if you’re used to working in a city environment you might be surprised at just how different working in a regional area can be.

5 Tips for Opening a Franchise in a Regional Town

  1. Know the Benefits – Regional businesses usually have a 30% longer lifespan than those operating in the city, and city folk spend up to double the amount of time commuting to and from work – time that could be spent on more important things.
  2. Be Community Minded – Regional areas are all about community spirit so if you want to be successful it’s in your best interests to get as involved as possible in the local community. The more involved you get the more trust you earn for your business and the stronger your customer base will be.
  3. Pick a Great Location – In the city less busy areas still tend to have a lot of traffic because in the city there are people everywhere. When you’re in a regional area you need to be a bit more savvy when it comes to picking (or accepting) a business location because the daily flow of people is more restricted.
  4. Build a Network – Nobody is going to be a better source of information about the area than other local business owners, so wherever possible try to build up a community of like-minded business people who can give you valuable advice about the area.
  5. Pick a Supportive Franchise – Some franchisors are more supportive than others, so make sure you pick one that makes franchisee support a priority. When you run into problems you don’t want to be left out in the cold, so make sure you pick a brand that will give you access to other franchise owners and other support people within the company.

Interested in becoming a Kwik Kopy franchise owner? Contact the team at Kwik Kopy today to find out how you can join one of Australia’s top rated franchises.

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