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StaffSome days it can be tough to get the best out of your franchise staff. Managing people can be a challenging – and sometimes baffling – task, but there are 5 things you can do to help create an environment that will inspire greatness in your staff.

5 Ways to Get the Best from Your Franchise Staff

1. Find the Right People – The right person doesn’t just need to have the right experience or qualifications to suit the role, they also need to fit the culture of your brand and have the right attitude. Having all the skill in the world isn’t going to help if they don’t have the will to do a great job.

2. Communicate Effectively – The most crucial step to getting your team to work effectively is to make sure you’re setting clear expectations, both in the performance you require and the behaviour you expect. Don’t assume that you are ‘on the same wavelength’, always double check to make sure they have understood, and provide regular feedback about their performance.

3. Give Them the Tools – Whether it’s a top notch computer, comprehensive training, or just the authority to make decisions when you aren’t around. Giving your staff the tools they need to perform their job to the best of their ability is crucial if you want your staff to thrive.4. Be a Coach, Not a Boss – Give clear direction, share your knowledge, and help your staff members fulfil their potential by giving them greater responsibilities when they’ve earned it, or encourage them to expand their skills by offering further training. A great coach will inspire performance by creating a compelling vision of the future that staff want to strive for.

5. Have a Healthy Workplace – Having a healthy work environment goes a long way toward enabling business success. The behaviour and attitude of each staff member will contribute to the overall culture of your business. Focus on recognising and rewarding behaviours that create a positive environment and encourage strong relationships among team members.

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