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Being the bossIf you’ve ever been a member of the paid workforce then chances are, at one stage or another, you’ve encountered a really terrible boss. It’s even possible that your terrible boss was one of the reasons that you decided to branch out on your own – terrible bosses can be great inspiration for taking the leap into business owner-hood.

Good bosses are hard enough to find, but great bosses are even more rare, and when you own your own business being a great boss is a really important ingredient in your recipe for success. Having a great team of hardworking and loyal staff starts with YOU. So how can you make sure you’re being a great boss?

7 Signs You’re a Great Boss

  1. You Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Great bosses know that they can’t get by without great staff and they make sure every success is acknowledged as a team effort and that those involved – both directly and indirectly – get the credit.
  2. You Delegate Effectively: Great bosses realise that they can’t do it all, but delegation can be done ineffectively or effectively. If you delegate a task to someone else and then micro-manage every aspect of it you’re not a great boss.
  3. You Know Your Weaknesses: Great bosses recognise that they can’t be awesome at everything and they work hard to find people who can round out their weaknesses. Great bosses aren’t threatened by other people’s strengths.
  4. You Empower Your Staff: Great bosses understand that their staff have goals and dreams of their own and work hard to support them. Consider providing training and educational opportunities for your staff members to help them along on their own journey to success.
  5. You Are Respectful: Great bosses never get angry in front of a crowd, always discuss issues in private, and never talk trash behind anyone else’s back. They don’t make jokes about staff member’s weaknesses and always respect confidences.
  6. You Say Thank You: Great bosses recognise that saying thank you is an on-going responsibility. They schedule thank you events in their calendar and have ongoing gratitude campaigns throughout the year.
  7. You Do What You Say You Will: Great bosses follow through. They don’t make promises they can’t keep and they always do their best to get the job done right.

Do you think you’re ready to be a great boss? Contact the team at Kwik Kopy today to find out how you can be the owner of your own Kwik Kopy franchise.

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