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Kwik Kopy has been in the business for 35 years and has just released their latest benchmark figures for 2016/17 – and the results speak for themselves! Overall Franchise performance is outstanding.

Finding work that you love can be hard, but work that you love that also provides the right work/life balance and a decent financial incentive is even harder. Being your own boss can provide you with the right challenge and partnering with an established Franchise System such as Kwik Kopy, can make a lot of business and financial sense.

Why owning a Kwik Kopy franchise makes sound business and financial sense

Increase in sales!

Median sales for the entire group have increased by 5% in 2017!

Kwik Kopy has proved time and time again that it is able to swim successfully against the tide. The B2B (business to business) segment in which it operates remains strong with many new opportunities.

In fact, Kwik Kopy continuously scrutinises consumer behaviour and is able to adapt to the market accordingly with new product and services that are relevant to its customers. Moreover, the benefit of being part of a system like Kwik Kopy is that you have access to state-of-the-art resources and support from Head Office in areas such as Sales and Marketing – all which are vital for growing a healthy business in a competitive environment.

It is fantastic to see that some of Kwik Kopy’s market segments saw a double-digit increase last year! There are plenty of opportunities out there to grow a successful business, it’s merely a matter of seizing them!

Have you considered buying a franchise business?

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Benchmark shows lower operating costs

Another excellent benchmark result is that overall wages and operating costs have decreased respectively by 3% and 2%. A number of factors contribute to this including the series of new systems and processes introduced to the group last year, such as Print Speak. Print Speak is a powerful software that helps Franchisees to manage their business more efficiently and improve the overall franchise performance.

We have seen fantastic results as a direct consequence of using Print Speak. For example, Centre Owners have reported a significant change in the way they manage their business day-to-day, including:

  • Improve revenue by tracking sales and identify business opportunities
  • Stay on budget with estimates follow-ups and Cost of goods control

The Kwik Kopy group also benefits from considerable buying power with major industry suppliers which helps to keep operating costs down.

“The thing I am most proud of is the financial reward and being able to provide a great life for my family. If you work hard and are prepared to listen and learn, the rewards are well worth the effort.” 

Paul Lindsey Owner of Kwik Kopy Five Dock

More profits for Kwik Kopy Franchisees

All these factors have helped increase the franchise performance and achieve for our franchisees a fantastic 11% profit increase this year.

Do you know many established Franchise systems that can increase their Franchisee’s overall profit by 11% in only a single year? I don’t!

Kwik Kopy is creating a sustainable business model that delivers an excellent return for its franchisees. Kwik Kopy franchisees make around 21 cents for every dollar they earn. I believe that’s a compelling result when you’re looking to make a smart business investment.

If you are considering becoming your own boss, why not give us a call to discuss your situation and the opportunities we have available to suit your budget and life aspirations.

We have years of experience helping people achieve their career goals.

To find out if franchising is suited to your needs call (02) 8962 8556 or by email on

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