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Big picture business thinkingRunning a business often involves worrying about a lot of small day-to-day things. Making sure the wheels are turning smoothly can sometimes be a big job, and when you’re swamped with a long list of daily to-dos it can be difficult to see the ‘big picture’.

Of course getting those daily to-do’s done is vital for the success of our business, but so too is making sure you’re making the best decisions for longterm success. So how can you make sure you’re thinking about the big picture? Here are 4 strategies to keep you on the right track.

4 Strategies for Big Picture Thinking

  1. Schedule Thinking Time – It sounds silly, but in order to answer those high-level questions about your business you need to have time – and space – to think things through. You schedule time for your to-do’s and meetings, make sure you set time aside for yourself as well. For best results, try to pick a time when you are at your most creative.
  2. Find a Partner – Brainstorming by yourself can be a little anticlimactic. Often the best ideas are discovered during the course of conversation. Find someone that you can bounce ideas off and who can give you a unique perspective. They might recognise problems that you haven’t considered or give you new ideas that you might not think of yourself.
  3. Break it Down – Everything becomes more actionable once it’s broken down. Pick some specific goals that you would like to achieve and identify some actionable first steps to help lead you in the right direction. Road-mapping your future will help you navigate through the upcoming months – or even years – more successfully, even when you’re drowning in daily to-do’
  4. Put Pen to Paper – It doesn’t have to be paper, your computer will work just fine, but writing things down will help you explore your ideas in a more tangible way. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself some tough questions, or to let your imagination run wild. In fact, the wilder the better! This kind of activity will help you bring new ideas to light and help you take an honest look at your potential.

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