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Relationship BuildingIn a lot of ways, finding a franchise is just like dating. In the initial stages of franchise research you’ll spend a lot of time browsing online profiles. Then, when you start arranging meetings, it’s a little like going on a first date. Most likely you’ll end up “dating” a few different franchises before you find the one, and decide to settle down.

And if finding a franchise is like dating, then building successful franchise is a lot like building a successful marriage – the commitment is just the beginning. So how can you make sure that your franchise relationship has what it takes to go the distance?

3 Ways that a Successful Franchise is like a Successful Marriage

  1. Mutual Respect: A franchise relationship is not about a franchisor micromanaging a subordinate, rather a successful franchise unites the skill sets of two different people for mutual gain. In order to be successful, both parties need to trust each other and have respect for the other’s skills and attributes.
  2. Quality Time: You can’t learn how to run a franchise from a manual – at least not entirely. You need to create a personal relationship with the franchisor (and other franchise owners!), and to do that you need quality time together. In this case that means face-to-face meetings. From the initial interview, through to launch day – and beyond, you need your franchisor to be accessible.
  3. Support System: Whether you’ve been in business for 2 months, 2 years or 2 decades, you should be able to rely on your franchisor for support. Your franchisor should be able to offer you not only expert advice, but a support system during times of stress. We all thrive on personal interaction, and your franchisor needs to be there for you when you need it.
  4. In Good Times and Bad: If you choose the right franchise to suit your personal goals, lifestyle and personality, then you’ll almost certainly have more good times than bad, but every marriage has rocky times and your franchise relationship will be no different. It might be a bad day, a rocky week, or a slow month – no matter the issue, your franchisor will need to be there for you in good times and bad – and vice versa!

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