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Greenfield FranchiseBuying a business can be hugely rewarding. It can also be risky – and for some of us that’s part of the fun! One of the great things about buying into a franchise system is that you’re buying into a tried and true business system that has already proven its worth, which ultimately mean less risk, but if you’re the type of person who likes a little risk there’s still a way that you can take advantage of the positives of a franchise purchase while still leaving a little bit up to chance. How? By buying a “greenfield”.

What is a Greenfield?

With a greenfield you get all the positives of buying in a franchise: a tested business model, training and lots of support services to help you succeed. The difference is you’ll be building a franchise in a brand new area. It can be a little more challenging than buying into an existing region, but for some people the challenge is what makes the venture so rewarding.

4 top reasons to consider investing in a Greenfield Franchise site:

  1. Everything is Brand Spanking New – If you’re the type of person who prefers to buy a new car instead of used you’ll appreciate the appeal of the greenfield. You don’t inherit any flaws or faults and everything is fresh from the factory just for you.
  2. You Can Customise to Your Needs – With a little planning a brand new premises can be created specifically to cater to your personal requirements. Want to maximise exposure or create a better flowing floor plan? Go for it!
  3. State of the Art Technology – With a greenfield you get to incorporate the latest in design and technology to create the most desirable site possible, attracting even more customers to the business.
  4. Huge Opportunity for Growth – With a little strategic planning beforehand you can choose a site with amazing potential, putting you ahead of a location that has already captured its customer base and has expected return patterns in place.

If you’re looking for proven results – greenfield or not – Kwik Kopy is for you. Kwik Kopy’s franchise system is not only one of Australia’s top rated franchise opportunities but our franchise support systems are award winning. Contact us today to find out how you can become part of this great team.


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