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Buying a regional franchiseHere at Kwik Kopy, we are experts at running a successful regional business – we do it every day! From Albury to Cairns – and beyond – we have thriving regional franchises scattered across this great country, and a host of successful regional business owners ready to share their secrets to success.

It stands to reason that running a business in a rural or regional area is different from running a business in a metropolitan city, but how to do they differ? And how can you set yourself up for the best possible chance of success?

4 Tips for Running a Rural or Regional Business

Know the Area – Chances are, if you’re looking into a particular region it’s because you’re already a local, which will give you a great edge for catering to the needs of the area. If you’re not already a local, make sure you take the time to really get to know the region. What is the area known for? What are the issues generally faced by the local population? Get to know the area and you’ll get to know your audience in a whole new way.

Highlight the Local – Going “local” is a new trend in the cities, but people who live in regional and rural areas have always been passionate about supporting their local businesses. When regional businesses thrive, they benefit the entire community, and rural populations understand that in a way that city folk just can’t. So, make the most of this local connection by highlighting your “localness” wherever possible.

Focus on Community – To be successful in a rural or regional community you need to be involved. Support other local businesses, sponsor a local sports team, and take time to understand the issues facing the local community. Find a great cause and figure out how you can make a difference, with financial support, by raising awareness, or by volunteering your time or resources. Every time you step out into the world you’ll be raising your profile as a trusted community member.

Look into FranchisingOpening a franchise in a regional area gives you a really powerful mix of big brand visibility with a local focus. Franchising is particularly useful if you’re new the area yourself because brand recognition will propel the business until the locals get to know who you are. And if you’re already known to the public you’ll get a powerful double whammy of brand trust and individual trust to drive your success.

If you’re looking for a franchising opportunity in your local regional area contact the franchising team at Kwik Kopy today. We are one of Australia’s most trusted franchisors.


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