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Steve Strangward, Kwik Kopy RichmondThe best way to succeed in a franchise is with a franchisor who offers a strong franchise model and great support. Ask Steve Strangward, owner of Kwik Kopy Richmond since 2004 and winner of the Kwik Kopy 2012 Franchise of the Year award.

“Receiving strong support from my franchisor has been so important to my success. I am convinced that prospective franchisees should look closely at a franchisor’s support system before committing to any of the thousands of different franchises for sale,” he says.

Kwik Kopy is an award-winning provider of graphic design, printing and marketing services with more than 100 B2B franchises operating throughout Australia. What’s more, you don’t require any previous experience in printing or design to become a franchisee in the network. As a Kwik Kopy franchisee, you’re talking with business clients who value professionalism and quality as much as economy and who look for long-term business partners. The B2B business model, which includes a strong franchise support system, was just what Steve and his wife Kate were looking for when they were deciding where to invest.

The franchise has a proven franchise track record, strong brand recognition and a system that gives franchises a real lift into a successful business. Once up and running, franchisees are not on their own. “Being part of the Kwik Kopy system means we benefit from the strength and support of a really strong national franchise community,” says Steve. “Kwik Kopy’s focus on franchisee support has helped make it one of the best franchises in Australia.” What to ask the Franchisor Steve recommends asking the following questions of franchisors regarding franchisee support, before buying into a franchise;

1. Who will be my personal area sales manager and how many hours on-site support can I expect to receive a month?

2. What specific expertise/knowledge does the franchisor have about: my territory, my client base, my sales, my IT systems (to support me technically and to assist me in operating my business), human resources (to guide my staff selection), and marketing (to drive network sales activity)?
3. What business/financial planning support can the franchisor provide for my business – is the risk shared? Is their success linked to mine? Is the franchisor really concerned about my success? franchises for sale will be able to provide straightforward, affirmative answers to these questions.

Kwik Kopy has proved itself to be a consistent performer and continually ranked in the Top 10 list of franchises in Australia in surveys conducted by, an independent consumer franchise service.

Kwik Kopy offers its franchisees sound business and financial analysis and advice, extensive performance benchmarking and substantial marketing to build brand awareness. A Kwik Kopy franchise lets you experience the best of both worlds, financial success and quality of life. Kwik Kopy offers graphic design, printing and marketing services to the business sector. Be part of a creative process that delivers:

  • Marketing brochure design and production
  • Branding and logo development
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Email marketing and website development, to name but a few.

Kwik Kopy franchisees handle a broad range of jobs every day, in fact that’s what makes a Kwik Kopy franchise so exciting. But you DON’T require any print or design experience to take on a Kwik Kopy franchise. With Kwik Kopy you get a tried and tested system that removes the usual start up headaches and helps you establish your business sooner.

As part of the Kwik Kopy network, you tap into a highly established and recognised brand, giving you plenty of leverage in the market. What’s more you’ll have an extensive support network all focused on your success.

For more information about our award winning franchise model call (02) 9967 5500 or visit to view Kwik Kopy franchise videos and download a franchise information kit.

Why choose Kwik Kopy:

  • Brand strength and ongoing marketing solutions
  • Area sales support
  • IT support
  • B2B model
  • Sales focus
  • Regular working hours Mon-Fri
  • Comprehensive training
  • Award winning

* First published in The Profiler, 2013

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