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Franchising and retirementIt probably sounds counter-intuitive, but retirement and franchising actually go perfectly together. Whether you’re looking for a great way to fund your future retirement, or you’ve found that retirement itself isn’t quite what you expected, then running a franchise might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Franchising to Fund Your Retirement – As you age, you might find yourself thinking more seriously about the financial aspects of your pending retirement. Thanks to Australia’s compulsory superannuation legislation, you’ve been putting money into your super fund for years: but will it be enough to fund the kind of lifestyle you’d like in your retirement?

Opening your own franchise business can be a great way to break free of the pay-check cycle and reach your financial goals. Franchising allows you to take control of your own financial future, with less risk than opening a new business from scratch.

Retiring from Retirement – Retirement isn’t for everyone! Just because you’re ‘of a certain age’ doesn’t mean you’re not capable of some great things right? So, if you’re of retirement age, but not quite ready to give up working, or if you’ve already retired only to find that it’s not the life you imagined, then a franchise might be a great option for you. Buying the right franchise can be an excellent investment opportunity, but it can also be an excellent use of your time, not to mention all the skills you’ve accrued during your working life.

Some Tips from the Pros: Try to find a franchise opportunity that meshes with your lifestyle, 9-5 franchise opportunities are a great choice that require no nights or weekend work. Look for franchisors that have existing relationships with the banks to help ease the financial risk.

Ready to take the leap? Contact Kwik Kopy franchising today for more information about our franchise opportunities.

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