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Social MediaIt’s no secret that buying into a franchise is a great and low-risk way to start your own business, but finding the right franchise opportunity to suit your skill set, lifestyle and personality is easier said than done.

Fortunately, thanks to social media, finding the right franchise is easier than ever before. Social media gives you unprecedented access to business information and can give you valuable insight into everything from customer feedback to staff culture, meaning you no longer have to rely solely on the ‘sales pitch’ provided by the business owner.

5 Ways to Research Your Franchise Opportunity Online

  1. Overall Online Presence – In order to be successful in today’s marketplace a business needs to have a strong online presence. Ideally that presence will include a well designed – and preferably mobile friendly – website, active social media platforms, a blog and a monthly newsletter. Remember: if you can’t find enough information about the business online, neither can your potential customers! (You can view www. on your desktop or mobile and tablet).

  2. Customer Feedback – Social media is a great way to gauge how happy customers are with the franchise. Is the business’ Facebook page littered with customer complaints? Are customers talking about how great the service is or how the product has changed their life? One bad review or customer complaint isn’t cause for concern, but if everything you read is negative, then that’s a good indication of how people are experiencing the brand. (View the Kwik Kopy Facebook page here:

  3. Customer Service – More important than what the customers are saying about the business on social media platforms, is how the business chooses to respond. Do they ignore negative feedback all together or respond defensively? Or are they committed to resolving problems quickly and ensuring a positive outcome? If complaints are sitting online for days or weeks without response, or the business seems reluctant to resolve issues then that’s a red flag.

  4. Online Reviews – Doing a quick search online for reviews of the products or services that the franchise offers is a great way to get some insight into the company. You might be surprised how many customers share videos of product unboxings on YouTube, or how many blogs are dedicated to product reviews. Watching product review videos online will give you additional information about the quality of the products on offer, give you a look at how customers feel about the brand and teach you a little bit more about the business as a whole. (The Kwik Kopy Youtube channel can be found here:

  5. Business Culture – Monitoring the business’ social media networks is also a great way to get a look inside the business culture. Do they share positive and inspiring things? Are there photos of staff functions or behind-the-scenes shots of staff around the office? While a business website is usually focussed on sales and official branding, a social media platform will often be used to show a bit more personality.

Interested in starting your own Kwik Kopy Franchise? We’re one of Australia’s best-rated franchises. Contact us now to find out more.

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