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Family BusinessStarting a business can be a great way to gain freedom from an unfulfilling work situation, and let’s face it, being your own boss is practically the Australian dream. If you’d like to reap the rewards of running your own business without the risks associated with going it alone, then a franchise might be just what you’re looking for.

One of the biggest benefits of starting a franchise is that it allows you to spend more time with your family, and not just because you’re free to choose a franchise to suit your preferred lifestyle – it’s a wonderful opportunity to start your own family run business.

A family run business is a great way to strengthen family bonds and spend more time with your loved ones. In fact, 70% of businesses in Australia are family owned. But there’s a catch, if you don’t follow a few simple rules and things go sideways at work, the stress can sometimes leech into your family life as well. So how can you ensure that things run smoothly with your family run franchise?

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Family Run Franchise

  1. Prioritise Communication – Working with someone you know well can be amazingly rewarding, but as with any relationship, communication is key. Set aside specific times to talk openly about the business and any issues that arise. Try not to sweep issues under the rug just because you’re working with a sibling or spouse.
  2. Be Realistic – Even if you choose the best people in the world to be part of your team, a business will sometimes be hard work, and you’ll most likely encounter disagreements along the way. The good news is that with a family business you’ve already got a strong bond with the people you’ve chosen to work with, which will help you through the tough times.
  3. Delegate Wisely – Just because you can hire your brother to be your accountant, doesn’t mean you should! Take into account each person’s strengths and weaknesses to make sure you’re choosing the best person for each job.
  4. Have Strict Boundaries – Keep work at work. When things are great you’ll be tempted to talk about the business at every opportunity, but getting into the habit of talking business at the dinner table won’t be so great if things get rocky, or after you’ve had a particularly bad day. Set clear boundaries about where you’ll discuss business – and stick to them.
  5. Have Fun – There are so many benefits to starting a franchise, and so many more to starting a family run franchise, so take advantage of the benefits and have some fun with it. Being able to spend all day with your spouse, siblings or loved ones is a great opportunity, so don’t let it go to waste!

Are you looking for a great franchise opportunity? Kwik Kopy is one of Australia’s top rated franchises! Contact the Kwik Kopy team today to find out more.

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