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It’s forgiveable for small businesses to want to cut back on costs where possible. However, it’s never advisable to place non-essential but highly recommended services on a low level of priority with the growing budget for your business.

We’re talking about the value of graphic designers. Good graphic designers have a head full of clever tricks and a sleeve stuffed with overflowing skills that they’ve accumulated through plenty of experience and learning challenges within the industry.

In the technological age where online DIY solutions are increasingly easier to execute, you could be forgiven for considering a graphic designer is a resource that only the ‘big guns’ within your industry rely on for business success. Here’s the truth: Depending on your brand’s content output, you may or may not require the services of a graphic designer. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the power of an image, an illustration or any artistic concept created by a specifically trained eye, can form the most coveted relationship with your target market and unbreakable bond with your brand.

Even if you still think you’re pretty handy finding the perfect font and image for that upcoming campaign, here are 3 questions every small business owner needs to consider:

  1. Should I know more about graphic design?
  2. What do I stand to lose if I don’t find a good graphic designer?
  3. How can I choose the right graphic designer for my business needs?

If you can’t easily answer each of these questions, the important thing is that you’re looking out for the strategies that really count when it comes to boosting your business agenda. We’ve cited 5 of the best (and most pressing) reasons you should consider the advantages of calling in a professional graphic designer.


Photo Credit: Digital Design via Flickr cc

Number 1  – Graphic Designers: Masters of many challenges. 

So, what does a Graphic Designer actually do, besides drawing all day? If you are like many others and haven’t considered a Graphic Designer, they can market your business and you may be surprised to learn that a day in the life of a Graphic Designer may entail anything and everything from:

  • Corporate design
  • Printing solutions
  • Web design
  • Logo creation
  • Newsletters and Brochures
  • Instruction Booklets
  • Illustrations
  • Training and Educational Props/Materials
  • Invitations and Cards
  • Social Media Design and Marketing
  • Postcard development
  • Reports
  • Handouts
  • Flyers
    …and so much more

There are plenty of online services and applications to help you develop a satisfactory design by yourself. Just remember though, designers are often the people who build these programs so for an expert opinion and a truly smashing outcome, go straight to the top!

Reason Number 2: Familiarising with a complicated industry.

Great design is a wonderful thing for a small business to capture. It’s also critical for success in the current technological climate. It’s certainly possible to do your homework as you go, but keep in mind that some of the most successful business operators know little to nothing about graphic design and its vital role in building their brand, yet they rely on it. For example, how can you be sure that your visual projections don’t conflict with copyright legislation, breach TPA (Trade Practices Act) or teeter on a trademarking infringement? Your graphic designer can tell you.

Reason Number Three: Fine Art in Marketing – why your audience appreciate great graphic design.

Graphic designers are responsible for the imagery we build our businesses on. In short, they know how to develop, build and enmesh a stimulating and memorable visual with your business agenda. It’s no secret that your target market wants this from your business more than anything. Do you know how to form that priceless bond with basic Photoshop or Illustrator skills, or are you ready to stop complaining about it?

While graphic design alone won’t build your business for you, a truly skilled graphic designer will give your business the visual face your market can’t forget. This is a product of many years’ worth of training, and a solid understanding how your target markets respond to different images, plus an ongoing commitment to updating their skillset as the industry changes.

Reason Number Four: Time – precious for many, essential to others.

The amount of time business owners have to manage projects from a graphic design standpoint will obviously vary. The reality of a growing business often leaves little time to undertake those tasks beckoning to be outsourced. Hiring a designer to manage these projects means they can be accomplished with far less time than an inexperienced individual will need. Best of all, the polish and calibre your projects come back to you with make the cost truly worth it.

Reason Number 5: Your business? Your call.

Generally, graphic designers are aware that many business owners don’t know exactly what to expect from their service. They’ll often offer a valuable obligation such as free meetings, which will give you the opportunity to discuss your budget and your unique business expectations before they kick off with the project.

Your first appointment is an exciting chance to ask any questions and get clarity on any concerns that you may have. Establish a plan with your graphic designer by asking questions you should be easily convinced that they can provide authentic and effective support as you need it.

Get excited about integrating graphic design in your business!

Graphic designers can be sourced on a range of platforms, from all ends of the budgeter’s scale. While some businesses invest in high-end graphic design educators to help staff develop a greater understanding of the industry, or perhaps to further their existing skill set into specialist areas, other businesses may look into the value of using a part-time designer to tackle advertising campaigns and briefs as they arise. Alternatively, if you’re starting out and want to see how a graphic designer would potentially work, why not exchange some working hours for a student looking for work experience or perhaps an individual seeking an internship?

There are plenty of ways to get to know the value of great graphic design and it’s achievable from almost every budget angle. Why not get to know your own graphic design guru today?

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