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viral marketingSocial media has changed the face of online marketing. With the ability to share content like never before, businesses across the world can create marketing strategies that ‘go viral’ and are not only ‘seen’ but actively viewed by millions of people around the world.

5 examples of Aussie businesses that have created online content that has gone viral are:

Bonds Australia

Bonds created a video series starring the face of the company Rachael Taylor. The video series was called “A Bonds Love Story in NYC” and was designed to increase awareness for Bonds online store.

Hahn Australia

Hahn Australia have an active online presence with over 35 separate videos appearing on their You Tube channel. Their most popular video, entitled “Hahn Spill Proof Beer” addresses the age old challenge of punters spilling their beer in a crowded pub, and has over 1.75 million views.

Hart Tools

A video featuring an Aussie prankster getting revenge on his flatmate after he pierced the roof of his car with an axe went viral with almost 2 million views. The video was in fact part of a marketing campaign my Hart Tools.

Fantastic Snacks

Putting a spin on the traditional vending machine, Fantastic Snacks installed a snack machine in a busy pedestrian mall, instead of money, the machine gave out snacks after the user completed certain tasks. The entire stunt was filmed and the video has received 2.79 million hits to date.

Melbourne Metro Trains

Winning the Australian viral video countdown by a landslide is Melbourne Metro. Their “Dumb Ways to Die” video has received over 68.4 million views to date. The campaign included an on air advertisement, an iTunes song release, mobile applications, and they even have a website ( where you can go and pledge not to do “dumb stuff around trains”.


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