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LikedinbusinessThere is no doubt that certain people seem to have the formula to success. Entrepreneurs and business leaders who display the type of people skills that their colleagues and clients are drawn to.  But have you ever wondered what gives these people their x-factor and more importantly can it be bottled for your own business success.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to likeability with everyone preferring to work with people they enjoy being around. It’s not enough in today’s competitive world to just be good at what you do – your customers demand more than competence.  Business can be built by nurturing relationships with your existing customer-base as well as attracting new clients through your own likeability.

There are three character traits when it comes to likeability – integrity, empathy and reliability. Let’s take a closer look as to how you can cultivate these to help your business success.

Show Integrity in Business

If you consistently apply your best judgement in business with your staff and customers then you will no doubt reap the rewards. All business relationships demand integrity and honesty so it’s important to stand by your company values and let your customers know what you believe in. If you display these qualities you will quickly build up a solid reputation and loyal customer base.

Learn to Empathise with Others

Empathy doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone all the time – it’s about taking the time to connect with people. Customers with whom you can empathise are the ones who will want to build ongoing relationships with your business that stand the test of time.  Take the time to listen and respond accordingly and you will create a level of trust with your customers and form lasting bonds.

Be Reliable in Business

There’s no doubt that customers are attracted to a business they know they can rely on. Establish a reputation for reliability, a business that meets deadlines and looks for those extra ways to add value to the customer. Certainty gives your customers peace of mind and not only will they be prepared to pay more for reliable service but they’ll be keen to spread the word too.

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